👨‍💻 How to change keyboard layout on Mac

MacOS has a strange feature – by default, the system does not have a shortcut assigned to change the keyboard layout, which makes many newbies literally tear their hair out! Fortunately, changing the keyboard layout on a Mac is easy.

The layout is changed with a keyboard shortcut Cmd Spacebut often this shortcut is assigned to invoke the Spotlight search bar. To fix the situation, disable two shortcuts for Spotlight:


Turn off keyboard shortcuts for Spotlight, or replace them with others

Now go to the Keyboards and input menu, and change the shortcut to change the input language from Option Space on the Cmd Space

Specify the correct shortcut to change the layout.

Note the difference between selecting the previous input source and the next. If you click Cmd Space, then the Mac layout will change to the previous one, again Cmd Space and she will again become what she was before. Thus, you will only switch between two languages.

Those with more than two languages ​​will have to use a combination Option Cmd Space… Therefore, I advise you to swap these key combinations in places if you often use three or more languages.

How to add Russian keyboard layout for Mac

You can add Russian keyboard layout for Mac in the menu:


You can add any keyboard layout with the plus button

The keyboard with the familiar Russian layout is called Русская-ПК… You can also disable unnecessary Mac layouts there.

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