🔥 How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac for Free

What if you accidentally deleted a file and there is no backup? What if the backup disk itself is damaged and is no longer recognized by the Mac? Maybe your card has stopped reading from a camera or a flash drive? There are many options. But in all these cases, Disk Drill will help you recover data.

The utility is paid, but in the Setapp service you can use it for free for 7 days. Which is more than enough to recover deleted files.

The only caveat is that when registering, you will have to enter the bank card details. After 7 days, she will be charged $ 10 for the first month of using Setapp. To prevent this from happening – remove your card from your account within a week.

Disk Drill: $ 89.99 one time / 7 days free on Setapp

What information Disk Drill can recover

It doesn’t matter on which disk the files are missing. If you can physically connect it to your Mac, Disk Drill will get to work. Even if the computer cannot read it. The use cases are as follows:

– You accidentally deleted files from your Mac disk, USB stick or memory card;
– You have completely formatted the disk or USB-stick;
– The system has ceased to perceive your disk with files and offers to format it;
– Missing music or audiobooks in the reader a la Kindle.

Disk Drill works with all popular file systems for Mac, Windows and Linux:

  • APFS
  • HFS / HFS +
  • FAT / FAT32 / exFAT
  • NTFS
  • EXT3 / EXT4
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However, even if the file system is damaged or missing, Disk Drill can still analyze the drive and recover files. The magic function is responsible for this. Deep scan

How to recover deleted files from a USB flash drive

Now I will show you how to recover files using a real example. A few weeks ago, I accidentally formatted a friend’s external drive where she kept photographs from her two years in the United States. The situation is not pleasant. Not only did I format it, so I also formatted it to a different file system: I switched from exFAT to EXT4, and then made a bootable Linux installer from this disk twice. That is, I wrote my files over the photos. And as a bonus, I formatted it in exFAT again.

Of course, macOS refused to read such a disk and offered to format it as soon as I connected it to my Mac. But Disk Drill saw it.

To start scanning and recovering files, you need to select a disk in Disk Drill and click Recover

Since the disc was repeatedly erased, I immediately started scanning through the Deep Scan function. It takes longer, but the result will be better.

The scan took about 25 minutes, after which the drama ended. Disk Drill found and offered to recover almost 18.5 GB of photos. Since the photos are not mine and I don’t know their initial number, it’s hard for me to say that the program was able to stop all the files completely. But, according to her friend, all the images are in place, at least judging by events and trips (Christmas, birthday, Las Vegas, Miami, etc.).

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Disk Drill recovered 2636 photos at 18.44GB. I am saved.
Disk Drill even managed to recover photo metadata: the names of the images and the dates they were taken.

This magic happens thanks to the way SSD drives work. Information in them is stored in cells. When you erase something, the data in the cell is not updated, but simply placed as unnecessary. In the future, when you want to write something to disk again, the new data will already overwrite the information in these cells. But there is one “but”. The disk controller tries to use all the cells evenly, so if there was free space on the disk, data will be written there, and not in the recently deleted cells. That’s why Disk Drill can recover your photos and files, even if you deleted them and burned something to disk.


In a perfect world, you will never need Disk Drill. But in the real world, we have to constantly deal with non-powered flash drives, damaged file systems of drives and commonplace carelessness. And simple backups are not an option, especially when traveling, where making a backup is problematic. So keep this article for yourself and when it’s full … you know what to do.

For CIS residents, there is a 50% discount on Disk Drill. As a result, the price will not be $ 89, but $ 44. It’s also a lot, but much cheaper than recovering a disk in a service center (where they will use the same Disk Drill), where you will leave a few hundred dollars.

An alternative option to install Disk Drill is through the Setapp application suite. It has a fully functional version of Disk Drill that will last 7 days. For many, this will be enough to recover missing files.

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Disk Drill: $ 89.99 one time / 7 days free on Setapp

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