🗜The Unarchiver – free archiver for Mac

The capabilities of the built-in archiver in macOS are quite enough for everyday needs. But if Windows users keep bombarding you with RAR emails, then you can’t do without a third-party archiver for Mac.

The free archiver for Mac The Unarchiver does the job perfectly. It is fully integrated into the system and unpacks archives in a couple of clicks. The number of supported formats is even more than we need.

The formats The Unarchiver works with

By default, the utility unpacks files into a folder containing an archive, but the settings also have the ability to change the directory.

I would also like to note that unlike the standard archiver for Mac, The Unarchiver almost always correctly recovers Russian file names from WinZIP and WinRAR archives.

The utility has two drawbacks:

  1. The Unarchiver cannot create archives, only open them;
  2. there is also no way to view the contents of the archive without unpacking it, which can be inconvenient in large archives.

Both flaws are missing in Archiver 3, which I use. But this archiver is already paid.

Download The Unarchiver on the App Store, free

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