🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review

At the end of 2016, RhinoShield sent me two iPhone cases for review. I never wrote a review, but one of the covers turned out to be so good that I used it for three years.

During this time, the case was badly frayed, so for my own money I ordered new versions of covers for the iPhone 7, and now also for the iPhone 11.

What is RhinoShield

RhinoShield is a iPhone case brand from Evolutive Labs, founded by Cambridge University students in 2012.

Their first product, the Crash Guard bumper, has successfully raised $ 300,000 on Kickstarter. Its main feature is the protection of the phone when dropped from a seven-meter height.

🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review
Box from CrashGuard NX. Comes with a cleaning cloth and a protective film for the back of the iPhone

The bumper turned out to be so successful that Evolutive Labs sent foreign bloggers not only covers for review, but also iPhone for testing protection against falls. As a result, dozens of videos began to appear on YouTube, where iPhones in RhinoShield cases are bullied in every possible way.

40+ iPhone throws in a Playproof case (now called SolidSuit)
CrashGuard NX bumper drop test from drone
IPhone 7 crashes in the bumper of CrashGuard NX from the second floor

ShockSpread Material
Many manufacturers of covers make them in two layers: the outer covers are hard, and the inside is soft. Such solutions protect well, but add massiveness to the phone.

RhinoShield covers, on the contrary, are monolithic and made of proprietary plastic. This plastic is both soft and hard at the same time. Actually, this patented material is the whole trick.

🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review
From the inside, CrashGuard NX plastic looks like a honeycomb, where almost the entire surface is divided into fencing hexagons. According to Evolutive Labs, this performance better distributes energy across the pace when struck.
Cover material is durable yet flexible
Dirt does not penetrate the cover materials. White lovers will be pleased

What are the covers

RhinoShield has three types of covers:

  • CrashGuard NX – bumper, in which you can change the buttons and the rear rim to other colors;
  • Mod NX – modular case. The same CrashGuard NX, but instead of a bezel, you can attach a back panel to it and make a regular case out of it. This panel is already included;
  • SolidSuit – a regular case with a back panel of different textures. The case is a little more compact in size than the bumpers, but too slippery for my taste.
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🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review
Varieties of RhinoShield covers

CrashGuard NX

Even though I’ve been with SolidSuit for nearly three years, my current favorite is the CrashGuard NX bumper. The updated version has become smaller in size and more pleasant to feel in the hand. That’s why I got over from SolidSuit to the bumper.

My CrashGuard NX is gray. There are twelve color variations in total.

The bumper sits very tightly and protrudes well above the screen and camera. Thanks to this, it does not move when dropped flat with an emphasis on one of the corners. And this is, perhaps, my main requirement for a case, as I like to lay the phone down.

🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review
🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review
🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review
Bumper fits snugly and protrudes well above the back and screen of the iPhone

Simple cases have trouble with this. Due to the softness of the material, they easily “jump off” from the corners, so that in case of an unsuccessful fall, the glass of the phone “kisses” the floor.

The raised areas above the screen and the back also make the phone more grippy. It became easier for me to pull it out of my pocket and pick it up when it falls.

The frames protruding above the screen and the back of the frame are convenient for picking up the phone when you fall. After switching to CrashGuard NX, I almost stopped dropping my iPhone

Well, the cool thing is that the back of the phone is not covered with anything and I can enjoy the purple color, for which I bought it 🙂

🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review

There is no claim at all to the protection of the phone from falls. If the phone survives a fall from a seven-meter height, then it copes with daily situations by 200%.

If you are afraid of dropping your phone on a rock or some kind of protrusion, then it is better to use protective glass and a protective film on the back of the phone. The latter is already included in the kit.

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In urban conditions, the risk of a bad fall is not so great. In any case, I had no such precedents. And the glasses themselves of the new iPhones are very durable. Therefore, I do not use film and glass.

An alternative option is to purchase a rear bumper panel, which can be worn for additional protection during outings.

As I mentioned above, the case can be customized by changing the colors for the buttons and the back bezel. For the iPhone 7, I bought a set of multi-colored buttons, but I never used them. Therefore, I decided not to order for the new phone. But the trick is cool and many will definitely like it.

🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review
The colors of the cover, buttons and back frame can be combined to your liking

Also in the new bumper there is a hole for the rope. The thing is useful when you are traveling in the subway or as a passenger on a motorcycle. I ordered myself, just in case, a couple of such straps from Aliexpress.

💰 Buy a phone string on Aliexpress, $ 0.5

🛡 How I protect my iPhone: RhinoShield CrashGuard NX case review
Rope hole – a rarity in modern cases

What I like about CrashGuard NX:

  • sits tightly and protects the phone from drops flat;
  • protects the phone from the most reckless drops;
  • the volume and power buttons are perfectly pressed;
  • does not cover the back of the phone, so you can enjoy your favorite color;
  • there is a hole for the strap;
  • the buttons and the back frame can be exchanged for others and make for yourself a nice color combo;
  • if desired, the frame can be exchanged for a one-piece cover that will protect the back of the phone.

There is only one drawback of the case – it increases the width of the iPhone. But I’m okay with this, since protection is a priority.

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Where to buy and how much does it cost

The easiest way is to order on the official website. There, CrashGuard NX builds between $ 24 and $ 29, depending on the phone version. There is international shipping for $ 12. Free shipping for orders over $ 40. So it is more profitable to either take additional buttons of different colors, or just two bumpers of different colors.

💰 Buy CrashGuard NX: Yandex.Market, Rozetka, Amazon, home site

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