🥇Torrents for Mac – Top Three Clients Review

It seems that the semi-legality inherent in torrent networks will never be washed away. But you can’t neglect the fact that torrents are firmly established in the lives of many network users.

The choice of torrent clients on Mac is not that great. In fact, there are only three programs: uTorrent, Transmission and Folx… Now I will briefly talk about them.

Folx downloader

Download from the site, 38 MB
Folx is a file downloader with torrent client functionality. The main benefits of the program are paid, but torrent downloads are available in the free version.

I must say right away that I use this particular client. I chose it no longer because of torrents, but additional features like fast download of regular files and videos from YouTube. Convenient when everything is in one place.

Downloading the latest Game of Thrones episode from soap4.me

Folx can:

  • create torrent files;
  • intercept downloads from the browser or grab .torrent files from a folder Downloads;
  • delete torrents after downloading;
  • search for torrent files in open databases (PRO);
  • adjust download speed depending on time and day of the week (PRO).

I wrote more about Folx in the post “Why Safari is Slow to Load Files and How to Deal with Folx Downloader”. There I talked about all its pros and cons.


Download from the site, 5.4 MB
For many, the phrase “torrent for Mac” is synonymous with Transmission. It is one of the most popular, if not the most popular, client for macOS. Looks minimalistic, free.

Transmission attracts with its minimalistic appearance, ease of use and free

Transmission is able to:

  • create torrent files;
  • display download / upload speeds in the Dock;
  • automatically delete torrent files after downloading;
  • gives a choice of a specific file to download if there are several in the distribution;
  • manage the speed and distribution depending on the rating of the distribution;
  • remote control via the web.
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Until recently, I used Transmission, but then I switched to Folx. For reasons I don’t understand, Transmission gets into a mess when downloading from soap4.me, where I watch TV series. Downloads rarely go faster than 1 megabyte per second, while Folx delivers 12–20 megabytes. There were no such anomalies when booting from Rutracker 🤷🏻‍♂️.


Download from the site, 1.1 MB
The most sophisticated client of the three presented. It has most of the Folx and Transmission features. At the same time, uTorrent provides more service information about downloaded files, graphics, etc. All this data is conveniently located right in the client window.

But! This monster, when installed without asking, installed Avast antivirus and Chromium browser. Then he started bombarding me with some kind of pop-up windows.

It seems that with each installation, it accidentally tries to install different software. When I installed uTorrent on my laptop, Opera Mini and MacKeeper were installed along with the client.

I’ve only seen such audacity in Windows. So watch closely what uTorrent is trying to install with itself.

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UTorrent interface may seem overloaded to many, it contains ads

For most users, there is nothing better yet than Transmission. If you want something more, then try Folx.

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