Comparaison de Apple Watch 3 et Apple Watch 4. Différence Apple Watch 3 d'Apple Watch 4

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Accueil »Apple Watch» Comparaison d'Apple Watch 3 et Apple Watch 4. Différence Apple Watch 3 d'Apple Watch 4 Comparaison d'Apple Watch Femmes Apple Watch 3 et d'Apple Watch 4. Différence Apple Watch 3 d'Apple Watch 4 L'année dernière, Apple a décidé de modifier radicalement la conception de ses appareils. Tout d'abord, cette tendance a touché l'iPhone X avec sa découpe pour Face ID, puis un an plus tard, le design a changé pour l'iPad Pro et l'Apple Watch Series 4. Contrairement à l'iPhone et à l'iPad, le choix Lire la suite

Google has released a beta version of Android Q with multitasking animation, like in iPhone X

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Yesterday, Google released the first beta version of Android Q, and already today, users who tested it found a visual similarity with gestures in the iPhone X / XS / XR in the updated OS. The multitasking gesture in Android Q beta 1 has not changed – users can swipe up to bring up a menu of open applications. But now support for gesture (arc swipe from the center to the side) has been added to the OS to switch between applications. In contrast to the effect of Lire la suite

iPhone saved Aussie from archer attack

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In Australia, the iPhone saved the life of its owner from a flying arrow during an attack on its home. This was reported by the Richmond police. Richmond police officers were called to the scene in the town of Nimbin in the north of New South Wales after a series of reports that a man had been shot with a bow. According to local media, the 43-year-old man took out his iPhone to photograph the attacker, at this moment the archer. The arrow hit the iPhone, and the Lire la suite

Discounts from MDLavka continue!

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In the new 2019, MacDigger and MDLavka extend an unprecedented discount campaign for readers: you write in the comments that you want to buy from Apple technology, and we make a super offer for you 🙂 Why to buy apples you should choose us? 1. We love Apple and know everything about it! 2. Many years of experience, individual approach. 3. Only new high-quality equipment and a year of official warranty in authorized Apple service centers. 4. Everything from Apple technology is also at a good price, much Lire la suite