6 reasons why you don’t need to do Hackintosh 🍀

Geekbench results and characteristics of my Hackintosh

1. You need a laptop

Don’t even try to put macOS on a regular laptop to make a MacBook analog. Nothing good will come of it. Problems with ports, WiFi / BT, sleep and autonomy are guaranteed to you. In general, laptops are more difficult to set up.

If you want a working and reliable Hackintosh, then it needs to be assembled as a replacement for Mac mini or iMac. That is, it must be a stationary computer made of modern components.

👉 How to choose accessories for Hackintosh

2. The PC will have to be built from scratch, or modify the existing one

The key to a good Hackintosh is compatible components. They need to be carefully selected, ordered and assembled by yourself. It will take a lot of patience.

I bought the WiFi module on Aliexpress, the processor in a local store, and everything else in American Amazon and Newegg. Since I was catching parts at the sales, the whole process took about two months. Of course, everything can be bought at local stores. It will be faster but more expensive.

An example of assembling a conventional computer. Don’t be scared – it means you can do Hackintosh

3. Long and difficult “entry” into the topic

Looking back, I can safely say that Hackintosh is quite simple. But only when you understand what you are doing.

To dive into the topic, you need sane English and an upper-intermediate level of macOS. You can also learn about Khaki on Russian-language resources, but the most interesting movement is not in Runet, but on English-language forums.

I’ll tell you straight. In Runet, they often collect Hackintosh because there is not enough money for an ordinary Mac. In the west – because the hardware from Apple does not suit in terms of performance and capabilities. Hence the different vector of information presentation. Runet is trying to solve the problems of old and cheap hardware. And in the west, everything revolves around new products.

There is a lot of information on the English-speaking forums, but for many it will be too complicated.

For example, a typical problem of all Hackintosh is the spontaneous awakening of the computer from sleep. This is due to incorrectly configured USB ports.

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The USB setup instructions were written by a techie for techies. Honestly, I did not master it the first time.

👉 [Guide] Creating a Custom SSDT for USBInjectAll.kext

Items 1-2 took a month. For points 3-10 – one day:

  1. From scraps of information, I realized that the problem was USB;
  2. I tried the “patch” that is recommended on every corner. I came to the conclusion that the plaster is a temporary solution;
  3. Found instructions for setting up USB;
  4. Installed a registry editor that doesn’t even have an official website;
  5. I “rang” all ports with a USB flash drive to see the name of each specific port in the system registry;
  6. Collected the names of ports of different types (USB3, 2, C, internal hubs);
  7. I counted them. If there are more than fifteen ports, then you need to decide which not to use. I had exactly 15;
  8. Created a ports configuration file using a special template. If you make a mistake in one parenthesis or number, nothing will work;
  9. Compiled the configuration file with another utility;
  10. I put the resulting file in a special folder.

In order for Hackintosh to work properly, you will have to deal with similar instructions. And more than once.

4. It is difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff

The Internet is full of instructions on Hackintosh, the forums are full of “branches” for solving certain problems. But practically no one understands anything.

A typical hackintosh chaotically feeds the computer with various settings and hopes for a miracle. If a miracle happened, then he shares it on the forum. A miracle may actually work for a while, but eventually something breaks. This usually happens after the next macOS update.

When you do not understand anything in Hackintosh, it is impossible to distinguish the correct solution to a problem from a solution from g @ vna and sticks. Everything has to be rechecked.

Initially, I also collected my Hackintosh from collective creativity on the forums, but then for a long time and painfully I went through all the settings in order to do everything according to my mind. It took me about two months of daily trial and error.

The only person who helped me figure out the key points was RehabMan. Remember this nickname if you are going to do Hackintosh.

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5. Aggressive community

There is a group of key people who keep the hackintosh community afloat and add compatibility with different hardware.

These techies are the primary sources of information. They have their own slang and their own manner of communication. It is very difficult for a beginner to break into the crowd and understand something.

There is also a special caste of hackintoshniks with a veiled ChSV. Such people confuse more than help. Runet is full of them:

The answer to a newbie on the forum w3bsit3-dns.com. Level 80 Disrespect and Carelessness

Normal guys will not be clever, but will give specific advice. But often in the spirit of “do this thing first and come”. What is this thing, how to do it you will have to figure it out yourself.

Here’s an example from my experience with @RehabMan:

– [Я] RehabMan, help;
– [RehabMan] Show me the debug files;

I am looking at how to make these files, I find a script, but I cannot install it. I google. I understand that I need to turn off SIP protection from Recovery Mode. I’m trying to enter Recovery Mode, but I can’t. I google. Finding another way to disable SIP. Finally installing the script and making debug files.

– [Я] Here are my files;
– [RM] Oh man, your kext is not there. Transfer them to L / E;

I google what LE is. It turns out this is Library / Extensions;
copy kext’y there via Finder;

– [Я] Did everything, but does not work;
– [RM] So, where are your debug files ?;

I run the script again, make files and upload.

– [Г] so you rewrote the kext incorrectly, see here how to do it;

I read some left manual for laptops, where only in the middle is some kind of info on kext’am. I understand that kext’s need to be rewritten through the terminal, otherwise access rights will fly off. I’m doing it right.

– [Я] Fixed, I attach debugging files;
– [RM] Damn, now you’re in trouble with digital signatures;

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Bit by bit, I begin to understand where and what he looks in the debug files. I conclude that it was not necessary to enable SIP. Disable SIP again, but with disabled option for digital signatures for kext’ov.

– [Я] How is it now? It seems to work for me;
– [RM] Oh, well, now it’s normal.

You need to have the time and desire to understand such moments. Nobody will give detailed comments and babysit you.

6. It’s hard to rebuild psychologically

I used to have a minimalistic single laptop desktop with no clutter. And now two monitors, a wired mouse and keyboard of different colors, a small system unit and a cube of wires at the table.

My setup is convenient, but from an aesthetic point of view – completely opposed to Apple products
There are many wires at the table, which I have not yet managed to properly organize

It bothered me at first. But at some point I realized that the LAN port and a bunch of USB ports are pretty damn convenient. But the main thing is that such a setup allows me to do my job faster and more efficiently. Again I can poke around in hardware, play games under Windows, and spend $ 2000 saved on something else.

But before realizing it, I almost freaked out and bought an iMac.

Most will not understand this at all. And that’s okay. Better buy a MacBook or iMac.

🍀 Remember

  1. Hackintosh can be installed on almost any PC or laptop. It’s easy. But in order to configure the robot for built-in graphics, ports, WiFi, sleep, you already need to understand what you are doing. And this is more complicated than it might seem at first glance.
  2. Do not hope that someone will help you install Hackintosh, and then you will live happily ever after. You cannot rely on such a system.
  3. The easiest way to “sign in” is to copy the configuration of an active community member. This will give you a customized system immediately. But you still have to figure it out.

🍀 How to choose accessories for Hackintosh

For a hackintosh to work exactly like a regular iMac, you need to be careful when choosing your components. In this post I will tell you on what principles you need to choose hardware for Hackintosh, and what you should pay special attention to.

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