6 Tips for Designing an iPhone Home Screen

It looks like iPhone users are really enjoying the new ability to customize the iOS 14 home screen. If you’re one of those users, we have a few tips for you.

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With our tips, you can take your home screen to a whole new level. Below we will tell you about all the possibilities to beautifully design your home screen.

  • Find and add Apple widgets
  • Use third party widgets
  • Create your widgets
  • Change app icons
    • Where can I download icons?
    • Where can I get ideas?
  • Create blank icons
  • Don’t forget the wallpaper

Find and add Apple widgets

Widgets are useful tools that you can add to your home screen. They are available in different sizes and show different details. Widgets can display important information from Calendar, Mail, Notes, and more.

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Use third party widgets

There are widgets not only in Apple apps, but also in third-party apps. Widgets are available in Spark Mail, Pedometer ++, Unwind, and many more.

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Not all applications in the App Store have widgets yet, but over time there will be more and more of them. Be sure to check if widgets appear in your favorite apps.

We have an article with apps that already support home screen widgets.

Create your widgets

If Apple widgets and third-party widgets are not enough for you, then you can create your own!

We talked about applications in which you can create your own widgets. With their help, you can create the perfect widgets for yourself. You can add a widget with a date, time, weather. There are widgets with photos, quotes, etc. You can completely customize their appearance.

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You can create a widget with a background of your favorite color, choose a font you like and add it to your home screen.

Change app icons

After adding widgets, you can replace application icons with your own. This is done using the Teams app. Thanks to this, you can create a single theme for your home screen.

Icon-Packs-iPhone-Flaticon-1536 × 845

The ability to change application icons to your own was even before iOS 14, but now interest in the function has grown greatly. This is due to the fact that now you can completely design the home screen for yourself.

We have a whole tutorial on how to change application icons to your own.

Where can I download icons?

Not sure where you can download images for icons from? We have an article about this as well. There are many different sets of icons and even individual icons on the web. You can choose an elegant black and white style or add bright icons.

Where can I get ideas?

If you want to decorate your home screen beautifully, but you have absolutely no ideas, we will help with that too. You can look at examples of other people’s work to get inspired to create your own design. There are designs for every taste.

Create blank icons

You can add blank icons to the home screen to make it look more interesting.

iPhone-with-blank-icons-on-Home-screen-1376 × 1032

Empty icons can be moved around the screen as usual. This is a great way to make your home screen interesting and different.

Read the tutorial on how to create empty icons.

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Don’t forget the wallpaper

No home screen design is possible without the right wallpaper.

iOS-14-iPhone-wallpaper-idownloadblog-mockup-1536 × 1024

Some icon sets come with matching wallpapers, but not all. In addition, you may not like the wallpaper in the kit.

You can search for suitable wallpapers in one of our collections:

  • Wallpaper for iPhone from the presentation of iPad Air 2020
  • Wallpaper with the logo of the September presentation of Apple
  • Download new wallpapers from iPad Air 4 (2020) to your device
  • IOS 14 Gradient Wallpaper for iPhone and iPad

If you love customization, then you should definitely follow the tips above. We hope they were helpful to you.

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