7 reasons not to jailbreak

Jailbreak, which literally translates as “jailbreak”, opens up new opportunities for the owners of Apple mobile devices. But is it worth it? Today we’ll look at 7 reasons why you shouldn’t do jailbreak


It is noteworthy that most of the arguments against hacking were outlined in an article on iOS security, which was written by representatives of the apple company. They stressed that the iOS operating system was created as one of the most reliable and secure, and therefore any interference can negatively affect these aspects.

  • First and foremost reasonnot worth jailbreaking – a security threat. The utility removes the protective mechanisms installed by the developers. Jailbreak devices are much more likely to be attacked and it is easier to steal personal data from them.
  • The second reason associated with the stability of the mobile device. Jailbreak can cause your smartphone to stop working, freeze and shut down.
  • On the third place the list of problems caused by jailbreak includes increased battery consumption. Apple employees note that “jailbroken” devices consume more energy.
  • The fourth reason there may be communication problems. From time to time on jailbroken mobile devices, connection may be lost. There is also evidence that in some cases, when making a call, the interlocutor’s voice may be distorted.
  • Another reason in favor of why it is not worth jailbreaking is the incorrect operation of branded services and services. It has been noted more than once that standard weather applications, voicemail, and so on have failed. There may be problems with push notifications and syncing with the iCloud cloud service.
  • Sixth reason lies in the very features of the jailbreak. It is released for a specific version of iOS, and therefore, with the release of subsequent official updates, it may simply stop working.
  • The last reason is directly related to the previous one. Due to the fact that the use of active jailbreak violates the license agreement, Apple employees may refuse to provide warranty service to users. Therefore, remember that all manipulations with a mobile device you do at your own peril and risk. In case of any problems, Apple official support may refuse to help.
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