7 tips for working in the Safari browser

With the release of macOS Mojave we got a brand new Safari, which also has many interesting changes. I will not describe in detail how the browser works, but will only tell you about seven useful tricks. Some of them are completely new, and some are well-forgotten old ones.

1. How to enable incognito mode

During incognito mode in Safari, Mac does not save the history of the pages you have visited, cache and passwords. Also, in incognito mode, sites cannot track what is open in neighboring tabs.

To enable, just go to Файл ▸ Новое частное окно, or use the keyboard shortcut ShiftCmdN… A new window will appear, the address bar of which will be colored black. That’s it, now your privacy is protected.

Safari URL bar black field indicates incognito mode is on

2. How to add a link to favorites

Any web page can be saved to favorites. You can do this using the Share button in the upper right corner of the Safari window. Also this will make the keyboard shortcut CmdD

Adding Current Website to Safari Favorites

3. How to view bookmarks and favorite links

All links that you add to bookmarks can be viewed in the Safari sidebar. To do this, you need to open it and go to the tab Bookmarks… You can also open the side panel by pressing CmdCtrl1

Saved bookmarks are visible in the sidebar

4. How to clear your browsing history

To open the browsing history in Safari, you need to press the combination CmdY, and then press the button.

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Please note that you can clear the entire history or for the last hour or day.

Clearing the history of visited pages

5. How to close all tabs except the current one

Sometimes there are so many open tabs that closing them one by one is simply lazy. To close them all in one fell swoop, just press the combination CmdAltW… All Safari tabs except the current one will be closed.

6. How to view the full link address

In order to make the browser interface a little cleaner, Apple has shortened all links in the address bar. If you open a page, you will see only the domain in the search address bar.

You can enable the full link in Safari preferences:

Safari ▸ Настройки ▸ Дополнения ▸ Показывать полный адрес веб-сайта

Including a complete URL link in the address bar
Full link in Safari address bar

7. How to open windows from the last session

Closing Safari also closes all open tabs. If this happened by accident, then the last open tabs can be quickly opened:

История ▸ Открыть снова все окна из последнего сеанса

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