A selection of wireless keyboards from Aliexpress

For a long time, users were wary of Chinese keyboards. However, opinion is gradually changing. This is facilitated by the output of high-quality and at the same time not very expensive models. Also, on sites such as Aliexpress, you can find unusual mini-keyboards designed to solve specific problems.

Foldable keyboard Avatto А18

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Various compact keyboards that can be paired with mobile typing devices have been around for a long time. Most often, these peripherals are compact, so you can take them with you on trips.

A selection of wireless keyboards from Aliexpress

Avatto A18 has been on sale on Aliexpress for more than a year and enjoys stable popularity among users. The keyboard case consists of three unequal parts. When closed, the dimensions of the device are about 15 centimeters, and when unfolded, about 30 centimeters. At the same time, the touchpad is located next to the keyboard unit.

The keyboard has its own battery, which lasts for two days. Separately, it should be noted that the keyboard is compatible with almost any device – from iPad to TV set-top boxes.

Magic Keyboard Style

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There are quite a few keyboards on Aliexpress that resemble Apple’s Magic Keyboard. At the same time, the advantages of such devices do not end with a similar appearance. Due to the rather convenient layout and size of the keys, they are convenient to use for typing a large amount of text.

A selection of wireless keyboards from Aliexpress

In addition, you can connect several devices to the keyboard and switch between them if necessary. The only drawback is that, like the first Magic Keyboard, this model runs on two batteries.

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Separately, it should be noted that when placing an order, you can immediately purchase a keyboard with Russian engraving or order a set of mouse and keyboard.

Logitech K380

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The Chinese version of Logitech’s popular wireless keyboard. The model is notable for its small size, comes in different bright colors and stands out with an interesting design of the keys. Judging by the reviews, non-standard button shapes will lead to false clicks. However, the situation is quickly corrected.

A selection of wireless keyboards from Aliexpress

On the technical side, the Logitech K380 can be connected to three different devices. Switching between them is carried out using the function keys. The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries.

The disadvantages include the inability to order a keyboard with Russian engraving.

Delux T11

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The Delux T11 is not really a full keyboard. In fact, it is a separate module, created specifically to facilitate the work of artists and graphic designers.

A selection of wireless keyboards from Aliexpress

With the help of additional keys, some of which can be programmed to perform individual actions, users will be able to quickly interact with various editors – from graphics to video.

Delux T11 is quite expensive. However, it is well worth the money spent. The mini keyboard case is made of aluminum and the buttons are made of high quality plastic. In addition, all keys have a pleasant backlighting, the intensity of which can be adjusted.


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ANNE Pro2 is a representative of the so-called 60 percent keyboards, aimed at people who need a minimum set of special keys. In such models there is no block with arrows, PageUp, PageDown keys, and also a row of F-buttons. However, the abandonment of a number of buttons did not affect the functionality. Missing keys are included as alternate functions that are activated after holding down the Fn button.

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A selection of wireless keyboards from Aliexpress

ANNE Pro2 is equipped with Gateron switches. There are two types to choose from – Blue and Brown. The body of the keyboard, as well as the keys themselves, are made of ABS plastic, which shows itself well during prolonged use. However, some users have reported minor casting defects. Most often, they are found on the bottom of the case.

ANNE Pro2 is equipped with a large enough battery. A full charge lasts 8-10 hours with the backlight on. However, the keyboard can also be used in wired mode.

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