Airmail 3 – an alternative email client for Mac

Today I realized that I hadn’t talked about Airmail at all. I have installed this mail for Mac since the beta testing, and after it appeared in the Mac App Store, I finally moved to it. Version “three” to shine: encodings are not mischievous, letters are loaded immediately, and the interface itself has become simpler and received Russian localization. Truth and the price for it has grown.

đź“® Download Airmail 3 in the App Store

Airmail supports IMAP and POP3, which means it will pick up Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, Yandex and any well-known mail that you go to read from a Mac. He’s even friends with Microsoft Exchange versions 2007, 10 and 13.

Personally, I have two Gmail accounts and one Google Apps connected. Each of them has separate access, but I prefer when all letters are dumped in one place (view All accounts). You can navigate which account the letter came to by the small avatars of your accounts.

Thanks to the shared mailbox, you can hide the left account pane, making the window a little smaller. I generally recommend playing around with the post header styles, I like the theme Minimal

If you want, you can even close the message body portion of the window, which will turn this mail for Mac into something like a Twitter client. Emails in Airmail can be opened by pressing the spacebar (like Preview in macOS), and they can be closed.

Externally, Airmail is very similar to Spark. He has a way of being modern, but it seems to me that he lacks composure and simplicity a little. It’s hard to explain, but when I look at the screenshots of Spark, I recall with nostalgia its user-friendly interface. But that doesn’t make Airmail any worse, it needs to be customized and a little getting used to.

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Airmail recently introduced the ability to write letters in Markdown. In this mode, the screen is divided into two parts. On the left is the text editor itself, on the right is the preview window. Of course, the email will be sent as HTML.

To be honest, I rarely use this editor as 90% of my emails are plain text messages with nothing to format. But we should try to convert some standard response templates into HTML.

đź“® Download Airmail 3 in the App Store

Recently, I have been increasingly using the free Spark email program. But I still keep Airmail in reserve because of its fast deletion function.

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