All bugs and problems in iOS 14

Apple released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 publicly yesterday, but a few hours later than usual. iOS 14 is a major update, but the company released it just a day after the Golden Master beta was released. This means that update bugs cannot be avoided. Below we will discuss all the update issues that have been identified so far.


Several hours have passed since the release of iOS 14, but enough bugs have already been found. Interestingly, the iOS 14 Golden Master and iOS 14 Beta 8 versions are the same. Apple released the same version publicly.

All bugs and problems in iOS 14

  • The Teams app does not activate Airplay 2 devices via Siri.
  • If you refresh the App Store updates page after installing the updates, it will freeze.
  • The Mail app sometimes displays read emails when updating unread emails on iPad.
  • Widgets can stop updating or dividing into pixels. A reboot solves the problem.
  • Unable to share contacts.
  • If you turn off location services, the Contact Notification system will not work.
  • The iTunes Store Genius page does not display correctly on iPhone.
  • The Calendar app widget deletes events 15 minutes after they start, even though they last longer.

So far, these are all the iOS 14 bugs found so far. We hope that Apple will not delay solving problems.

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