Apple and Xiaomi divided the smartphone market, and we did not notice

What happened? Where has Apple’s battle against Samsung gone? The top ten best-selling smartphones in the world in the first half of this year – with one single exception – are smartphones created by Apple and Xiaomi. In the first place in the TOP-10 – iPhone 11… In the first half of 2019, it was believed that the time of the iPhone was over and Apple smartphones were no longer needed by anyone, but the iPhone XR was in the TOP-10 of global sales. True, with a margin of only two times from the closest rival – these were really not the best months in the life of the iPhone (sarcasm). And the current triumph of the iPhone and Apple has a bitter taste: it’s not a fact that the iPhone 12 will repeat this success. But how did it happen that among the 10 most popular phones in the world, only iPhone and Xiaomi, and only one from Samsung?

Xiaomi has somehow very quietly ousted Samsung

Some aspects of OMDIA’s research may seem questionable. Few know about this company itself, it was founded in 2019, and by the number of epithets with which it awards itself, this company could give a head start to financial pyramids. In addition, the study is based on criticized methodology – for example, Apple was very unhappy with it in the 2018 holiday quarter. We will discuss the reputation of OMDIA and the reliability of its top ten a little later, while I suggest taking their word for it and considering them worthy of our trust.

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Most Popular Phones 2020

Apple and Xiaomi divided the smartphone market, and we did not notice

Now compare 2020 and 2019. Where has Samsung gone?

There are five iPhone models in the top ten, including the so-called flagship models: the seventh is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the last, tenth, is the iPhone 11 Pro. The fifth place of the iPhone SE 2020 should be especially noted, out of six months of the most difficult six months for the industry, this iPhone was sold only two and a half – officially, but in fact only two months. Disruptions in deliveries, shortages of components, business trips of apple specialists crossing closed borders are romantic. Someday, I hope someone will write about this. In 2019, the iPhone population in the top ten ranked second in terms of numbers (3 models), behind only Samsung (4 models).

За исключением Samsung A51, в нынешней десятке только смартфоны от Apple и от Xiaomi.

Lei Jun, founder and head Xiaomi Is a big fan of Apple and Steve Jobs. Lei Jun imitates Jobs in clothes and follows the life principles of his idol. And in Xiaomi itself, the spiritual influence of Apple since Steve Jobs is very noticeable. Not only in the hardware produced by the company, but also in the MIUI operating system, the main OS of this company. The system is based on Android. Xiaomi devices are also compatible with “pure Android”, but Android smartphones are not considered. There are no flagship Android smartphones in the top ten. IOS and MIUI only. And Samsung A51, which is not a flagship one.

Apple and Xiaomi divided the smartphone market, and we did not notice

Xiaomi took over something from Apple

The composition of the top ten and the arrangement of the “stars” in it are too good for Apple. Everything is somehow too good and great. Is it good? It looks like the iPhone 12 isn’t doing well. But for now, let’s rejoice.

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Samsung is not needed by anyone?

Apart from the companies producing smartphones, no one knows how many and what smartphones they managed to sell during the period of interest to us. Everything that is said in our Telegram chat is assumptions. The companies themselves know not only the total number of smartphones sold, but also how many of their specific models and modifications were sold, what colors – and how many of them (again, by model) were returned by buyers due to claims, and how many – because of “did not like”. And to compile a rating of smartphones, you need accurate data on all models of all brands sold in all countries of the world through all existing channels.

Apple and Xiaomi divided the smartphone market, and we did not notice

Samsung flagships aren’t even close

Therefore, many years ago, researchers developed an alternative methodology for more or less accurate determination of sales volumes. Instead of sales, it counts deliveries. The number of devices of a particular model imported into a country is reflected by the customs authorities with great precision. Not all imported devices are sold out, this is a fact, but the difference between supplies and sales is generally small. Well-trained and experienced specialists have been engaged in the purchase of goods for a long time; this is perhaps the most important area in trading companies. Illegally imported devices are not reflected in the customs documentation – as a rule, the most popular of them are imported.

Anyway, no better data

Can you trust analysts?

Apple and Xiaomi divided the smartphone market, and we did not notice

Informa (and OMDIA) Headquarters at Blackfriars Road, London

Center (originally used as Powerhouse) for Global Technology Research established by a British multinational group of companies Informa with very broad interests – from publishing and organizing exhibitions to business intelligence (industrial espionage?). The basis OMDIA Informa’s three research companies, Ovum, Heavy Reading and Tractica, and a number of specially acquired third-party companies for this ambitious project, have become Informa.

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The oldest of the companies belonging to the Informa group of companies, Lloyd’s List, was founded in 1734, although it is not relevant, it seems to inspire respect. More than 400 first-class analysts and researchers, tens of thousands of studies they have conducted and many, many very beautiful words about yourself. In any case, the association of several well-established research organizations and information mining professionals – no matter how colorful they advertise themselves, are trustworthy.

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