Apple announces support for NFC tags launching Apple Pay

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At the TRANSACT conference in Las Vegas in early May, Apple Pay Apple Vice President Jennifer Bailey spoke about some of the new Apple Pay features that Apple will introduce in the future.

Bailey spoke about the support for new NFC stickers or tags that will launch Apple Pay for payment without having to install an application.

By clicking on these stickers, you can quickly and easily pay Apple Pay. Apple is working with Bird (scooter), Bonobos (clothing store) and PayByPhone parking meters to deploy the service.

With the latest service, you can pay for a parking meter using Apple Pay, and then add more time to your meter from anywhere in the world so that the parking period has not expired.

Apple also plans to use the instant registration feature for loyalty cards in the Wallet app in the near future. Dairy Queen, Panera Bread, Yogurtland, Jimmy John’s, Dave & Busters and Caribou Coffee are planning to launch services this year that will use NFC tags that allow customers to sign up for loyalty cards.

New Apple Pay features use NFC features, which Apple first began providing access to iOS 11. We can hear more about these new features at WWDC, due to begin June 3.

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