Apple asks permission to launch Ultra Wideband in Russia

Apple fans in Russia have long been accustomed to restrictions. The limited functionality of some of the iOS functions, the later launch of new iPhones, as well as the complete absence of some products – all this is the norm for our user. Therefore, many are no longer even surprised when Apple decides not to release another novelty to the Russian market, as was the case with HomePod and Fitness +, or to block the promising technology used in the new iPhones. But if the speaker and fitness service do not shine for us in the near future, then Ultra Wideband can work with us.

Apple requests permission from SCRF to test Ultra Wideband

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Apple introduced Ultra Wideband a year ago at the launch of the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, which are the only smartphones in the company’s lineup to receive support for the new technology. It offered users a wide range of actions with a host of functions – from wireless data transmission to more accurate positioning than GPS in confined spaces. But, unfortunately, in Russia, Ultra Wideband technology did not work according to the decision of the State Commission on Radio Frequencies (SCRF), which banned its use due to the fact that it operates at frequencies of 6240-8236.8 MHz belonging to the Ministry of Defense.

Ultra Wideband in Russia

Apple asks permission to launch Ultra Wideband in Russia

Ultra Widend is powered by U1 chip

However, according to RBC, this week the Russian “subsidiary” of Apple submitted an application to the SCRF for “scientific, research, experimental, experimental and design work to clarify the conditions for electromagnetic compatibility of ultra-wideband short-range wireless devices with electronic means of various purposes.” Fuh, barely typed it. Simply put, Cupertino decided to start testing Ultra Wideband in Russia, and this requires permission from the State Commission.

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In fact, the permission for testing does not oblige GKRCH to anything and does not guarantee the launch of Ultra Wideband on the Russian market. Last year, Apple applied to launch the technology, but was refused, motivated by the danger of interfering with other radio devices. Therefore, this time it was decided to start small, and Roskomnadzor and GKRCH agreed. The approval of Ultra Wideband trials is a small step towards this goal. If, after their completion, it turns out that devices with its support, the chances that Apple will allow you to organize the launch increases.

Why Ultra Wideband is needed

Apple asks permission to launch Ultra Wideband in Russia

Ultra Wideband is a very promising and versatile technology

Now everything will depend on the Department of Defense, which is in charge of the frequencies at which Ultra Wideband operates. But whether it will issue the appropriate permission is still difficult to say. Still, when operators requested frequencies for 5G testing, they were asked to choose others, because the Ministry of Defense allegedly had plans for exactly those frequencies that could allegedly be used to transmit strategic messages, and operator intervention could put them at risk of disclosure.

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For Apple, the issue of the widespread launch of Ultra Wideband is fundamental. The fact is that in Cupertino they are placing great costs on this technology. Here are just the key areas in which it can be applied:

  • In games with augmented and virtual reality;
  • To search for a vehicle booked through special services;
  • For the delivery of goods carried out by drones;
  • To check tickets in public transport;
  • To search for missing items;
  • To control social distance between users;
  • For data transmission over a wireless connection.
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The fact that Ultra Wideband is a technology that promises to be key for Apple is indicated by equipping it with the sixth generation Apple Watch, which was unveiled on September 15. Cupertino did not particularly go into details about why the watch, in principle, needs Ultra Wideband support, but made it clear that this is very, very important. Well, let’s see.

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