Apple believes 5G will help sell more iPhones

Sources in the Apple supply chain note that Cupertino is forecasting increased demand for the next generation of iPhones. The company is confident that the introduction of support for fifth-generation networks in smartphones will increase sales by about 10%.

It should be noted that many analysts generally agree with the forecasts of experts from the apple company. In their opinion, the emergence of 5G support in the new iPhones will become one of the main sales drivers. At the same time, analysts differ somewhat in their forecasts regarding the amount of possible growth.

The most optimistic forecasts are made by Wedbush employees. In their opinion, next year Cupertinos will sell about 200 million new iPhones. Experts believe that there are now about 350 million Apple smartphones around the world, the owners of which are thinking about updating their devices. They are expected to decide to purchase the new model within one to two years.

According to rumors, in September 2020, Apple may release at least three new smartphones. All new items should be supported by fifth generation networks. At the same time, some sources report Apple’s plans to expand the iPhone lineup. Thus, next year, users will have access to two smartphones with a 6.1-inch screen, one 5.4-inch device and one with a 6.7-inch display.

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