Apple decided to create its own antenna for the iPhone 12

According to Fast Company, Apple is actively working on its own antenna module that can be used with the iPhone 12. Sources note that the Cupertinians have been working on their own solution for quite some time. The reason for this was that Qualcomm’s antenna module did not meet all of Apple’s requirements.

Apple decided to create its own antenna for the iPhone 12

Network sources note that Cupertinians do not like the design of the QTM 525 5G antenna module. The latter does not fit into the existing layout of the elements. For this reason, the company decided to start working on its own module. At the same time, Qualcomm should remain the supplier of 5G modems for the iPhone 12.

Despite preparing its own solution, Apple is in no hurry to completely abandon the components that Qualcomm offers. Cupertinos are working on the possibility of using a ready-made antenna and modem for 5G networks. However, this option will only be used if any difficulties arise in the process of working on your own antenna module.

Sources say that in the case of using components from Qualcomm, the new Apple smartphones may turn out to be thicker than originally thought.

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