Apple employees start getting Apple credit cards

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Mobile insider Ben Geskin @BenGeskin shared with Twitter images of consumer packaging of a new Apple credit card. Geskin reports that some Apple employees are already starting to receive the card, which was announced in March.

On the images, the name of the current Apple employee was replaced with the name of Geskin to protect their identity. The packaging shows the pairing process, similar to AirPods, with the instructions "Unlock your iPhone and hold it here."

The Apple Card is digitally stored on your iPhone for Apple Pay payments, but also has a physical form entirely made of titanium. The card is engraved with a laser with your name and the card number or expiration date is not printed on it. Instead, these numbers will be available in your iPhone's wallet application. There is still a traditional magnetic stripe on the back, as well as an integrated chip.

An Apple Card is expected to be released this summer.

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