Apple is testing multiple iPhone 12 prototypes

According to the well-known author of various concepts and the source of a number of rumors about new Apple devices, Ben Geskin, Apple is now testing several prototypes of the iPhone 12 with different locations of the sensors of the Face ID system.

Apple is testing multiple iPhone 12 prototypes

Geskin says that among the test images there is a smartphone with a reduced “bangs”, as well as a prototype with a 6.7-inch screen. In the latter case, all sensors for Face ID are not hidden in a special cutout in the screen, but are located in the upper frame above the display, as in the iPad Pro.

Geskin also claims that in the future Apple may abandon the Lightning connector and significantly modify the antennas. In particular, the Cupertinos can replace the plastic inserts in the body that hide the antennas with something more expensive. For example, glass or ceramics. This solution should help improve the quality of communication.

It is worth noting that Ben Geskin is not the first to announce Apple’s desire to reduce the “bangs” in its new smartphones, as well as make some changes to the antennas. In the past, such information was shared by the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

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