Apple may add AirPods to iPhone 12

If you believe the sources of the Taiwanese edition of DigiTimes, then next year Cupertinians can begin to equip their smartphones with AirPods. Most likely, this option will only be in models with the “Pro” prefix in the name.

Apple may add AirPods to iPhone 12

Also, the authors of the publication claim that not only Apple will do this. Wireless headphones may also appear in bundles with smartphones from Samsung and Xiaomi next year.

Many reacted to this news with a fair amount of skepticism. If the Cupertinians decide to expand the range of their smartphones, this will negatively affect the final cost of the iPhone. Plus, Apple’s wireless earbuds sell very well separately.

In addition, in the past, analysts and network sources have already reported an increase in prices for the iPhone 12. However, then they noted that the increase will be associated more likely with some technical changes. If all the information is confirmed, then the price of the flagship iPhone models may exceed $ 1,200.

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