Apple may change the optical image stabilization system in the iPhone 12

The authors of the Taiwanese edition DigiTimes, citing their own sources in the Apple supply chain, announced the Apple company’s plans to slightly change the stabilization system in the iPhone.

Apple may change the optical image stabilization system in the iPhone 12

Over the past few years, the Cupertinos have been using optical stabilization built into the camera lens in their smartphones. However, if you believe the sources of the Taiwanese resource, next year the situation will change and Apple will start using the optical stabilization system integrated into the sensor. A distinctive feature of this component is that the entire module moves with the camera. In the existing solution, the stabilization system moves in the opposite direction from the lens.

Sources do not specify why Apple decided to switch from one type of optical stabilization to another. It is also unknown how such a transition will affect the quality of the shooting. It is possible that the transition is associated primarily with some technical changes, which forced Apple to change one stabilization system to another.

According to the authors of DigiTimes, the optical stabilization integrated into the sensor will appear only in two top iPhone models, which will be presented next fall.

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