Apple may drop bangs. IPhone 12 render

Renowned source Ben Geskin, who often publishes verified and not-so-proven information about new mobile devices, shared a concept for the next Apple smartphone.

Apple may drop bangs. IPhone 12 render

Judging by the available image, next year the Cupertinians can release their first iPhone without the “bangs”. The latter has caused controversy and negativity among some users over the past three years. However, in the future, the screen cutout may disappear.

At the same time, the Cupertinians will not give up all the sensors, the front camera and the earpiece. All of these components must be embedded in a frame around the screen. Moreover, judging by the render, its thickness will be equal along the entire perimeter.

Apple may drop bangs. IPhone 12 render

It is worth noting that in the past, information has appeared on the network more than once about Apple’s plans to reduce or completely remove the “bangs” from the front surface of its smartphones. Some have suggested that the Cupertinians will start by reducing the size of the cutout.

However, in the future, all components for Face ID, the front camera and earpiece will move under the screen. In this case, for the last two components, special “holes” will be provided in the display. A similar idea is described in several Apple patent applications.

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