Apple may include a fabric-braided cable in iPhone 12

In the Chinese social network Weibo, photos of the new proprietary Lightning-USB-C cable appeared, with which Cupertinians can begin to equip the iPhone 12. Judging by the pictures, the cable will have a fabric braid.

It’s worth noting that Apple hasn’t released a single braided cable for the iPhone or iPad yet. However, this does not mean that Cupertinians do not have such accessories. A fabric-braided Lightning cable is included with your Mac Pro. The power cable for the HomePod speaker is also made in a similar style.

The new cable is reported to be 1.05 m long and 3.04 mm thick. In addition, the cable supports fast charging, and its contacts have a special coating that better resists corrosion.

Judging by the available data, the new Apple Lightning-USB-C cable should have an increased “lifespan”. Now the main claim that users put forward to the original apple cables is a short service life. With active use, complete cables for iPhone and iPad can become unusable in just a few months.

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