Apple May Raise iPhone Prices Next Year

Min-Chi Kuo continues to share information about the yet unannounced Apple smartphones. According to the expert, next year Cupertinos may raise prices for new iPhone models.

Apple May Raise iPhone Prices Next Year

The analyst connects this state of affairs with several factors at once. First, 5G support should appear on the iPhone next year. The expert believes that this will negatively affect the cost of new products. Second, Apple may start using a new, more expensive method of processing and integrating composite materials into the metal frame structure. And thirdly, a special cooling system may appear in the iPhone, which will remove heat from an even more powerful processor.

How much the new Apple smartphones will rise in price, Min-Chi Kuo does not specify. However, there is speculation that the successor to the iPhone 11 Pro will be available starting at $ 1,200. Thus, we can say that prices for the iPhone will rise by about $ 100.

It is worth noting that rumors about a possible rise in the price of Apple smartphones appear almost every year. However, many analysts doubt Apple will take such a step. At the moment, high prices for the iPhone are already preventing Cupertinos from selling their new devices.

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