Apple may release iPhone with square side edges next year

Renowned analyst Min-Chi Kuo has made another prediction regarding the next generation of Apple smartphones. According to the expert, in 2020 Apple will release an iPhone with a new metal frame that will resemble the iPhone 4 in appearance.

Apple may release iPhone with square side edges next year

The analyst claims that next year the Cupertinos will change the shape of the iPhone frame. Unlike the current generation of Apple smartphones, it will not have rounded, but smooth side edges. At the same time, the iPhone case will not fundamentally change. The back cover, as now, will be made of durable glass.

Min-Chi Kuo also notes that in addition to the shape, the material from which the frame is made will also change. The rejection of stainless steel will allow Apple engineers to improve signal reception in the iPhone 12. Such changes are being made primarily so that the new Apple smartphone can work normally in 5G networks.

The analyst notes that Apple will use metal casting technology to produce the new frame. This will increase production by 50-60%. How such changes will affect the final cost of the iPhone, Min-Chi Kuo does not specify. However, the analyst has no doubts that the new look will spur sales of Apple smartphones.

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