Apple releases first beta of iOS 14.2: what’s new?

Almost immediately after the public release of iOS 14, Apple released the first beta versions of iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 to developers. The update contains not only bug fixes and improvements, but also new features.


The first beta versions of tvOS 14.2 and watchOS 7.1 have also been released. Prior to that, the company released the 7 beta version of macOS Big Sur and the Xcode 12.2 beta update, mentioning iOS 14.2 and other updates.

So far, iOS 14.2 is available exclusively on Apple’s developer portal, so you’ll have to wait to install the update over the air.


This beta is intended for developers only for application testing purposes. Be sure to back up your device before installing. Be prepared to reset it if necessary.

Earlier rumors reported that the iPhone 12 will ship in October with iOS 14.1, as iOS 14.0 is already available to all users. However, now iOS 14.1 may come out earlier than new smartphones. IPhone 12 may have iOS 14.2 instead of 14.1.

One of the most significant changes to iOS 14.2 is the new Shazam icon in Control Center. Users will now be able to define songs with one touch from anywhere. You don’t even need to install the Shazam app.

To add the Shazam badge to Control Center, make sure you are running iOS 14.2 beta. Then open Settings, go to Control Center, and add the Shazam icon to it. You can change its position by dragging it to another place in the list.

Apple also changed the Media Control Module in Control Center iOS 14.2. It will now be easier to view and control your AirPlay speakers and TV.

When nothing is playing, recommendations are displayed on the module. If you are listening to a podcast, then after the end of the episode, another one will be offered, right in the Control Center.


Tapping the AirPlay icon in an app like Music brings up a new menu that no longer covers the entire screen.


Another interesting feature of iOS 14.2 is the “people recognition” in the Loupe app. It is an accessibility tool that uses the device’s camera to help people with vision problems.

If you enable the option, the application will use augmented reality to display the distance from you to other people.


The Apple Watch app icon has been slightly updated with a new monobracelet. Previously, the icon had a regular sports strap.


The first beta of watchOS 7.1 does not include some of the new watch faces that are available in the public release of watchOS 7. If you want to enjoy all the new watch faces, wait for the next watchOS 7.1 beta.

Apple has not yet announced a public release date for iOS 14.2. This is unlikely to happen soon, because even iOS 14.1 has not yet been released.

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