Apple Spends $ 6 Billion on Original Content for Apple TV +

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Apple has spent more than $ 6 billion on original TV shows and movies for its new streaming service, Apple TV +, which is due to launch later this year.

Initially, Apple set a budget of $ 1 billion for Apple TV +, as well as Jamie Erlicht and Zach Van Ambburg, who lead the project, but according to a source from The Financial Times, this budget has now grown to more than 6 billion dollars.

Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent only on the Morning Show, one of the high-profile shows that will become part of Apple TV +. The stars of the Morning Show are Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. Previous rumors suggested that Aniston and Witherspoon earn $ 1.15 million per episode.

The cost of the Morning Show obviously exceeded $ 15 million per episode that HBO spent on the Game of Thrones final season.

Previous rumors suggested that Apple was spending similar amounts on See, the upcoming futuristic drama where most of the world's population was destroyed by the virus and the rest of the population was blind.

At $ 6 billion, Apple’s spending doesn’t quite match the $ 15 billion Netflix is ​​expected to open in 2019, but it is rumored that Apple offers more generous payment terms to help it win deals for engaging content.

Apple said its upcoming Apple TV + series will be launched in the fall, and a source who spoke to The Financial Times says Apple intends to launch it “in the next two months.”

While there is no information on pricing for Apple TV +, as well as details about which shows will be ready, but some of them have already finished shooting and seem to be at the final stage of production.

Apple has dozens of TV shows and movies for Apple TV +.

Bloomberg suggests Apple is considering charging $ 9.99 per month for a service that will include a free trial.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to release Apple TV + in November, and is still deciding how the shows will be released. Apple is considering releasing three episodes of the television show at once with subsequent weekly releases.

They say that the Morning Show, See, Amazing Stories and The Truth About Everything are among the first shows to be available at launch, and Apple plans to continue to release content on a regular basis in the future.

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