Apple to boost batteries in 2020 iPhones

According to the website The Elec, Apple engineers have thought about methods to increase the battery life of Apple smartphones. In particular, the possibility of using new power sensors, which will be half the size of a similar component in the iPhone 11, is now being considered.

Apple to boost batteries in 2020 iPhones

The authors of the resource note that the Korean company ITM Semiconductor should become the supplier of new sensors. The latter’s products are now used by Samsung in some smartphones. For example, in the Samsung Galaxy S11.

One of the key features of ITM Semiconductor power sensors is their compact size. Apple currently uses components that are 50mm in size. The solution from the Korean company is 48% smaller – its length is only 26 mm.

The freed up space can be used for a variety of innovations. For example, shrinking the size of the power sensor could force Apple to rethink its internal layout and allow for larger battery sizes in the iPhone 12.

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