Apple updates WWDC application with custom icons, hidden session information and iMessage stickers

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On the eve of the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference, which will start on Monday, June 3, with the main event, Apple has updated the official WWDC application for iOS devices.

There were no design changes in the application, with the exception of the new neon badge, which better matches the dark theme of the 2019 conference, but according to Apple’s release notes, the update adds a new profile area for managing notifications, virtual queues for laboratories and choosing an application icon. Selecting an application icon means that you can change the color of the Apple logo in the icon in the Settings section of the application.

You will also see new WWDC iMessage stickers in the Messages application after the update.

The new update introduces headers for future sessions and labs, and the official names are hidden, since many of these sessions are based on features that have not yet been announced.

For developers who visit WWDC, the application offers local tools such as maps and launch times for lab work, sessions, and events. For those who can not attend, it will include live video streams of lectures, laboratory work and sessions.

Apple also offers a fourth and fifth generation tvOS app for Apple TV, so that developers can also watch WWDC sessions on their televisions.

The Worldwide Developers Conference will begin June 3 with a speech. Apple will broadcast this lecture live on its website and on Apple TV.

The Apple WWDC application can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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