Apple will give $ 1 billion for the purchase of modem business Intel

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Rumors that Apple is negotiating the purchase of Intel's modem business for 5G smartphones have resumed. Negotiations on the conclusion of the transaction in the amount of $ 1 billion, allegedly, are at the final stage.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the official agreement will be reached as early as next week. The high amount of $ 1 billion covers the business itself, patents and personnel.

For the Cupertino giant, this move means an escalation of efforts to produce more of its proprietary components. In parallel, Intel will get rid of the unit, the future of which hangs in the balance for a long time.

In April, the microcircuit company abandoned plans to develop 5G-modems for smartphones, following the conclusion that it would not be able to earn money on them.

This type of decision was made only after Apple settled a protracted dispute and signed a six-year supply agreement with Qualcomm. It almost killed Intel’s prospects of becoming the main modem chip supplier for it.

Prior to abandoning the project, the leading developer of the 5G-modem business of Intel left to join Apple’s corporate design team.

Last month, Intel said that it was “evaluating strategic options” for its 5G wireless business and received several declarations of interest. At that time, the media called Apple the main contender.

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