Apple will pay $ 506 million for LTE in iPhone

Apple is sometimes sued almost every day, and the demands of the plaintiffs are very different – someone wants $ 1 million, while another give a trillion dollars. Most often we are talking about the so-called “patent trolls” who make a living by such claims in the hope that the court will side with them. As a rule, such cases are not even accepted for consideration, however the company’s claim Optis wireless to Apple not only received a motion – the court sided with the plaintiff. And now Apple has to pay more than half a billion dollars for infringement of her patents. What exactly was violated?

It turned out that Apple devices support LTE for a reason

As it turns out, Apple did infringe several Optis Wireless patents – all of which relate to technology. LTE on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The corporation’s lawyers tried to prove in court that these devices do not use the specified patented technology, but they failed to do so.

What patents Apple violated

One of Apple’s key arguments was to take the iPhone apart and make sure that the smartphone does not use technologies protected by these patents. Apple argued that the iPhone’s LTE compatibility, like other smartphones on the market, was not patent infringement.

On the other hand, Optis Wireless claimed that Apple was infringing on its patents and in doing so refused to enter into a license agreement… The company said it has offered Apple a “worldwide license” to exploit key LTE-related patents. This, the company said, was in line with its “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory” obligations. Optis Wireless claimed that it had “repeatedly” negotiated an agreement with Apple, but the negotiations were unsuccessful.

Interestingly, will Apple also have to pay for 5G in the iPhone?

It is not known how much Optis Wireless offered Apple to use its patents for. It may be more profitable for a Cupertino company to pay a fine in court than conclude a licensing agreement. In any case, Apple’s lawyers will still be able to challenge this decision. In the meantime, by a court decision, the amount of payment is $ 506 million

Apple тоже часто подает в суд на другие компании, а порой даже на собственных сотрудников.

The largest courts against Apple

This is the second major lawsuit this year that Apple lost. Earlier, the court ordered Apple and Broadcom to pay California Institute of Technology (Caltech) $ 1.1 billion fine for infringement of patents, the rights to which belong to the institute. At the same time, Apple must pay $ 838 million of this amount, and the remaining 270 million were assigned to Broadcom, the main supplier of communication chips for iOS devices and Mac computers.

The institute said Apple infringes its patents on multiple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, AirPort Express, AirPort Extreme, and Apple Watch. The California Institute of Technology has asked a jury for preliminary and permanent injunctions in the United States against Apple products using its technology. That is, he actually sought to ban the sale of iOS devices and Mac computers.

And two years ago, Apple lost in court to the University of Wisconsin (USA), violating one of its patents dating back to 1998. The company violated the university’s patent for “improving chip performance” for the A7, A8 and A8X processors found in the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and some iPad models. As a result, the company paid the educational institution more than half a billion dollars… Some kind of straight standard “dachshund”, it seems.

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