ORFO 2016 – Spell and Grammar Checker for Mac

17.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

ORFO is one of those programs that kept me from buying an iPad Pro. The tablet is good for everyone, but it is not suitable for a full cycle of working with text. It doesn’t have such a powerful spell checker as ORFO, which I have been relying on for nearly three years. Download ORFO: regular version / extended version What is ORFO It is a spelling, spelling and grammar checking service for Russian, Ukrainian and English. It works in all applications where the “Spelling and Grammar” system Lire la suite

The image on the monitor is poor. What to do? 🤔

27.08.2020 Normand Maxime 0

In previous articles, I told you how to choose the right monitor for your MacBook and how best to connect it. Suppose you did everything correctly: you used the correct cable and set the monitor’s native resolution, but the picture is still unclear and a little “rainbow”. Now I will tell you how to fix this. Symptoms After purchasing a new monitor or updating macOS, the interface may become unclear, and the fonts may look a little double. It’s like they have an Instagram filter applied to them, Lire la suite