How to remove PPSync package after jailbreak using PanGu utility

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Released yesterday utility for jailbreak of mobile apple devices based on iOS 7.1.1 makes it easy enough to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad (instructions). But it has a significant drawback. There are several additional packages in the program from Chinese developers, one of them PPSync. The package itself PPSync Necessary to work with pirated games and applications from the unofficial 25app store. But its work conflicts with standard iOS 7 applications, and therefore some would like to remove it. It is quite simple to do this, but it Lire la suite

IOS 14 home screen options

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You can create your own home screen widgets, as well as change application icons to your own. With these features, you can customize your home screen beautifully. Not sure where to start? You might be inspired by the ideas we’ve gathered in this article. Many users share their home screen designs online. Perhaps, having looked at other people’s work, you will come up with something of your own. Bright neon Favorite characters Shades of green Delicate classic Old school For game lovers Pink shades Drawings Black and white Lire la suite

Apple asks permission to launch Ultra Wideband in Russia

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Apple fans in Russia have long been accustomed to restrictions. The limited functionality of some of the iOS functions, the later launch of new iPhones, as well as the complete absence of some products – all this is the norm for our user. Therefore, many are no longer even surprised when Apple decides not to release another novelty to the Russian market, as was the case with HomePod and Fitness +, or to block the promising technology used in the new iPhones. But if the speaker and fitness Lire la suite

IPhone Icon Sets – Where to Download?

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IOS 14 has a lot of great features, but for many, the best one is the ability to customize the home screen. Now you can add widgets to your home screen, and you can also create your own widgets. You can also change application icons on the home screen via Commands. Although the function is not new, but now interest in it has grown. Those looking to personalize their home screen ask themselves: where to download icon sets from? Of course, you can even use your own photos Lire la suite

PopSocket Grip: How I Stopped Dropping My iPhone 11

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After five months of use, I still find PopSocket looking odd. But this thing turned out to be so convenient that you can safely close your eyes to its wonderful appearance. Now this is a must-have accessory for me, since it has become more convenient to hold the phone in my hand and take it from the table. But the main thing is that the iPhone has stopped falling out of hands. Absolutely. 👉 PopSocket Grip: official site PopSocket history PopSocket was invented by American philosophy professor David Lire la suite

IOS 14, iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11 speed comparison

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IOS 14 is finally publicly available. Many people are interested in whether the new version is faster than iOS 13. And if you compare it with iOS 12, iOS 11 and even iOS 10? Has iOS 14 performance improved? Previously, iOS updates slowed down older iPhones until Apple changed that with the release of iOS 12 in 2018. Since then, the company has tried to maintain the speed of even older models. The iOS 14 update is a great example of this. If we compare iOS 14 with Lire la suite

Parallels Desktop 14 – Seven Tips for Work Productivity

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Parallels Desktop is a program that allows you to install and work on other operating systems right on macOS. For example, I installed myself Windows 10 and Kali Linux and run them when I need to. 👨‍💻 Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac: download demo / buy The advantage of Parallels Desktop is that you can install absolutely any OS, and to work with them you do not need to restart your Mac, as in the case of Boot Camp. I am using Parallels Desktop to run Windows 10 Lire la suite

Folx is the best torrent client and file downloader for Mac

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I download files via Safari, torrents via Transmission. There are no complaints about Transmission, but the Safari browser is noticeably dull when downloading large files. The last straw was a 1 GB WEAPON 8K video from the RED website. It took 12 minutes to download at 200 Megabits WiFi. Long! While I was waiting for the video to load, I decided to find the Folx file downloader in the bins and compare it with Safari. It turned out that Folx downloads faster not only files, but also torrents. Lire la suite

🥇Torrents for Mac – Top Three Clients Review

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It seems that the semi-legality inherent in torrent networks will never be washed away. But you can’t neglect the fact that torrents are firmly established in the lives of many network users. The choice of torrent clients on Mac is not that great. In fact, there are only three programs: uTorrent, Transmission and Folx… Now I will briefly talk about them. Folx downloader Download from the site, 38 MBFolx is a file downloader with torrent client functionality. The main benefits of the program are paid, but torrent downloads Lire la suite

What’s new in iOS 14 beta 7?

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Apple today released its seventh beta versions of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. The changelog for the new versions is short, but there are still changes. Below we list all the changes in the new beta versions. There are new wallpapers as well as changes related to AirPods. Below is more about everything. IOS 14 beta 7 changes Rainbow Wallpaper for Dark Mode Everyone has probably seen the standard rainbow wallpaper in iOS. They are now also available for Dark Mode on a black background. This is a Lire la suite

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