Apple Spends $ 6 Billion on Original Content for Apple TV +

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Subscribe to YouTube Channel Apple has spent more than $ 6 billion on original TV shows and movies for its new streaming service, Apple TV +, which is due to launch later this year. Initially, Apple set a budget of $ 1 billion for Apple TV +, as well as Jamie Erlicht and Zach Van Ambburg, who lead the project, but according to a source from The Financial Times, this budget has now grown to more than 6 billion dollars. Hundreds of millions of dollars were spent Lire la suite

Do gadgets spoil the sight of children?

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Subscribe to the YouTube channel Does your child not break away from the tablet? Does he chat with friends even during lunch? He reads from the phone and can not get out of the Internet for hours? This can badly affect his vision. At least, the grandmother and grandfather of the baby are convinced of this. And what do ophthalmologists think? Let's talk about whether gadgets harm children's eyes. Content Damaging factors The impact of the gadget on the retina Influence on the accommodative apparatus Do gadgets Lire la suite

Asphalt 9 at top speed: the developers have added support for 60 FPS on iPhone XS and XS Max

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The best racing game for iOS – Asphalt 9: Legends has received a major update which added support for 60 FPS on iPhone XS and XS Max. The list of improvements mentions the “exclusive” support of 60 frames per second on the iPhone XS and XS Max, but it remains unclear why the new iPad Pro is equipped with a more powerful processor A12X not have received this innovation. According to the developers Asphalt 9 is the best racing game for iPhone and iPad, but limit the maximum

Top 5 free games in the AppStore: December 12,

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Puzzles and adventures: we have gathered five games that can be purchased today in the App Store absolutely for free. In Churning Seas The perfect game for those who love winter. The player’s task – to collect the largest iceberg from various parts of the puzzle. The user has two game modes: in the first it is necessary to connect various parts of the future of the iceberg, and the second is to learn to make long – term decisions that will allow him to keep the balance Lire la suite

Epic Games has removed the trilogy of Infinity Blade from the App Store due to new projects

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Today, 11 December, Epic Games announced the cessation of support of all three parts of Infinity Blade for iOS. The game has already been removed from the App Store. The decision of the developers explained in the blog. Game series Infinity Blade was part of ad campaign iOS devices since the release of the first part in 2011. Over time, the game gained popularity and developers have released another 2 part, but today Epic Games stated that “the team is becoming increasingly difficult

Evoland 2 is the most versatile game for iOS and not only

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Over the past few years the App Store was overflowing with free-to-play games, which also require a constant Internet connection. A large part of them is infinite farm or network strategy, against which, Evoland 2 is a true masterpiece. Unlike the first part of Evoland, the sequel combines several genres of games. If among the readers there are those who played Jak & Dexter on PlayStation, or Zelda on Nintendo, then you definitely must try Evoland 2. In addition to iOS, there are also

Command & Conquer: Rivals sortira le 4 décembre sur iOS

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Après un démarrage rapide sur Google Play, en juin de cette année, EA Mobile a annoncé que leur stratégie en temps réel Command & Conquer: Rivals sortira sur iOS 4 décembre dans le monde entier. La division mobile Electronic Atrs tente d’arracher un morceau de la célèbre segment Jcj stratégies. EA prévoit que le jeu va devenir «une autre réussite de jeu parmi d’autres franchises, y compris parmi la communauté de joueurs et au niveau de la

Hasbro sortira jouet fusil SCAR de Fortnite en 2019

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En septembre dernier, le légendaire fusil d’assaut FN SCAR a fait ses débuts dans Fortnite. Le célèbre fabricant de jouets Hasbro a décidé d’établir une version de ce modèle de l’arme et a annoncé AR-L Blaster – produit commun de Nerf et Epic Games, dont les ventes débuteront en 2019. Une version miniature d’un gaz fusil semi-automatique s’affiche sur les étagères des magasins le 1er juin 2019, à un prix de 49,99 dollars des états-UNIS. Dans les AR-L Blaster sont

«Vkontakte» va créer une plate-forme pour les développeurs indépendants de jeux informatiques

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«Vkontakte» a annoncé l’ouverture de la plate-forme pour les développeurs de jeux informatiques. Le lancement le lancement est prévu en 2019. La société prévoit de gagner sur la vente des jeux de l’indie-producteurs, mais leur pourcentage du total des bénéfices guide «Vkontakte» n’est pas encore annoncé. Selon le créateur de la plate-forme de Maxime Бабичева, l’administration du réseau social ne présentera pas de frais d’inscription pour les développeurs qui

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