Google has released a beta version of Android Q with multitasking animation, like in iPhone X

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Yesterday, Google released the first beta version of Android Q, and already today, users who tested it found a visual similarity with gestures in the iPhone X / XS / XR in the updated OS. The multitasking gesture in Android Q beta 1 has not changed – users can swipe up to bring up a menu of open applications. But now support for gesture (arc swipe from the center to the side) has been added to the OS to switch between applications. In contrast to the effect of Lire la suite

Asphalt 9 at top speed: the developers have added support for 60 FPS on iPhone XS and XS Max

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The best racing game for iOS – Asphalt 9: Legends has received a major update which added support for 60 FPS on iPhone XS and XS Max. The list of improvements mentions the “exclusive” support of 60 frames per second on the iPhone XS and XS Max, but it remains unclear why the new iPad Pro is equipped with a more powerful processor A12X not have received this innovation. According to the developers Asphalt 9 is the best racing game for iPhone and iPad, but limit the maximum

Epic Games has removed the trilogy of Infinity Blade from the App Store due to new projects

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Today, 11 December, Epic Games announced the cessation of support of all three parts of Infinity Blade for iOS. The game has already been removed from the App Store. The decision of the developers explained in the blog. Game series Infinity Blade was part of ad campaign iOS devices since the release of the first part in 2011. Over time, the game gained popularity and developers have released another 2 part, but today Epic Games stated that “the team is becoming increasingly difficult

Evoland 2 is the most versatile game for iOS and not only

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Over the past few years the App Store was overflowing with free-to-play games, which also require a constant Internet connection. A large part of them is infinite farm or network strategy, against which, Evoland 2 is a true masterpiece. Unlike the first part of Evoland, the sequel combines several genres of games. If among the readers there are those who played Jak & Dexter on PlayStation, or Zelda on Nintendo, then you definitely must try Evoland 2. In addition to iOS, there are also

How to disable location tracking on your iPhone or iPad

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According to an investigation by The New York Times, the apps may collect location data and sell them to advertisers, so it is worth checking what programs you have access to geolocation. At times the users agree to provide access to the GPS-receiver of smartphone and don’t realize that the app can secretly sell information. Fortunately, iOS offers a high degree of control over which apps can access your location information. How to fully disable location services iOS lets you turn

How to view multiple sites on iPhone

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One of the proprietary chips Android that iOS users have long wanted to see on mobile devices is the ability to split screen. Despite the fact that iOS has no such mode, you can enable third-party browser. Safari does not support split screen, so to see multiple pages, you must download the free browser Split Web Browser. By default, the application is divided into two screens, but this can be changed in the settings (to do this open “Settings” → Split). The app works in any

How to add sites to the black list on iOS 12

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Sometimes it is necessary to prohibit device access to certain sites. Starting with iOS 12, this can be done through the system settings. In this tutorial we will tell you how to do it. This manual will be especially useful to parents who give kids their devices. It is not always possible to monitor children’s activities on the Internet, so Apple took care of it. Blacklist runs through the “Screen time”, so if this feature is turned off, it is necessary to include. Otherwise block

How to use “Camera Continuity” to macOS Mojave

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One of the new features macOS Mojave is “Camera Continuity”, which allows you to add photos and scanned documents much faster than before. In this tutorial we will explain how this feature works. Will need to start the application that implements support for “Camera Continuity”. This may be one of the standard programs on macOS Messages, Mail, Notes, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Some third-party app has also received support “Camera Continuity” — for example, Scrivener and Airmail.

Comment configurer l’id de l’appelant sur l’iPhone

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Depuis iOS 11, le système est capable de reconnaître automatiquement le spam des appels, mais cela ne fonctionne pas toujours parfaitement. Pour remédier à tous les inconvénients de l’iOS, vous devrez télécharger une application spéciale. De nombreuses applications de tiers sont en mesure d’identifier indésirables de la chambre à l’aide d’une base. Pour atteindre le meilleur effet, vous pouvez installer plusieurs applications. Dans ce cas, si la

Fossil a publié escarpées montre intelligente sur Wear OS 250 dollars

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Le fabricant américain de montres Fossil a publié une nouvelle montre intelligente Sport de la quatrième génération. Montres, centrés sur les personnes ayant une vie active, sont équipés des derniers processeurs Snapdragon 3100 et exécutent Wear OS. Montre intelligente en deux tailles de 41 mm et 43 mm le choix entre six options de couleur de la coque et un vaste assortiment de bracelets interchangeables. Fossil Sport de la quatrième génération sont dotés d’un écran

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