Apple gets top marks on Technical Support

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Subscribe to the YouTube channel Apple continues to dominate when it comes to customer support, according to the annual rating of Laptop Mag technical support, which is designed to help customers determine which companies offer the most reliable customer service in the technology industry. Apple received a total of 91 points, earning 54 points for technical support via the Internet and 37 points for technical support by phone. Laptop Mag says Apple support staff are among the “fastest and most knowledgeable,” offering “accurate answers” ​​to Mac questions Lire la suite

Apple a publié macOS Mojave 10.14.4, watchOS 5.2 et tvOS 12.2

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Accueil »Actualités» Apple publie macOS Mojave 10.14.4, watchOS 5.2 et tvOS 12.2 actualités Apple a publié macOS Mojave 10.14.4, watchOS 5.2 et tvOS 12.2 Après la version finale d'iOS 12.2, Apple a publié les versions finales de macOS Mojave 10.14.4, watchOS 5.2 et tvOS 12.2. Les nouveaux micrologiciels pour Mac, Apple Watch et Apple TV se sont avérés moins volumineux que iOS 12.2, mais quelques changements intéressants dans les mises à jour sont toujours présents. Dans cet article, je vais vous dire ce qu'il y a de neuf Lire la suite

WWDC 2019 member bonuses include: a jacket, magnetic badges, a special T-shirt for fellows and more.

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Subscribe to the YouTube channel WWDC 2019 officially starts tomorrow, but, as usual, the registration process began today. Developers began to collect their badges and insignia WWDC, which this year again includes a black jacket, an assortment of magnetic pins on the theme of Apple, a special T-shirt for fellows and much more. Apple is expected to introduce iOS 13, macOS 10.15, watchOS 6 and tvOS 13 at its main WWDC presentation, and it may have some unexpected ads in the store, possibly including a preview of Lire la suite

Evoland 2 is the most versatile game for iOS and not only

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Over the past few years the App Store was overflowing with free-to-play games, which also require a constant Internet connection. A large part of them is infinite farm or network strategy, against which, Evoland 2 is a true masterpiece. Unlike the first part of Evoland, the sequel combines several genres of games. If among the readers there are those who played Jak & Dexter on PlayStation, or Zelda on Nintendo, then you definitely must try Evoland 2. In addition to iOS, there are also

How to use “Camera Continuity” to macOS Mojave

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One of the new features macOS Mojave is “Camera Continuity”, which allows you to add photos and scanned documents much faster than before. In this tutorial we will explain how this feature works. Will need to start the application that implements support for “Camera Continuity”. This may be one of the standard programs on macOS Messages, Mail, Notes, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. Some third-party app has also received support “Camera Continuity” — for example, Scrivener and Airmail.

What’s the first thing you need to configure on new Mac

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macOS is a pretty simple system, but it also there are weird functions that immediately want to disable. We found the three most annoying features and tell how to shut it off. Open file after downloading By default, Safari opens file after download. This feature extends to almost all files, including PDF documents, images, videos and archives. If you frequently download files, it is unlikely to draw attention to themselves. But if every day you have to upload many different files,

Incroyable jeu de plateforme «Gris» sortira pour macOS en décembre

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Un jeu avec une conception qui a été enveloppé dans le secret, à partir de 2016 a obtenu une date de sortie. Les propriétaires de Mac pourront se plonger dans le monde magique de la plate-forme «Gris», le 13 décembre. Gris — le premier jeu les développeurs indépendants Nomada Studio, en plus de Mac sortira sur PC et Nintendo Switch. L’intrigue du jeu raconte le monde intérieur de la jeune fille, qui a survécu à des événements difficiles dans leur vie. C’est «le voyage

Apple a publié la deuxième version bêta de macOS Mojave 10.14.2 pour les développeurs

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Apple a publié la deuxième version bêta de la prochaine mise à jour de macOS Mojave 10.14.2 pour les développeurs. C’est arrivé une semaine après la sortie de la première bêta et la sortie de macOS Mojave 10.14.1. Dans macOS Mojave changé le mécanisme de mise à jour du système. Télécharger le profil de mise à jour possible via l’Apple Developer Center. Pour installer la version bêta, il faut ouvrir les «préférences Système» → «Mise à jour». Généralement,

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