Highlighting one color in a photo using ColorStokes. Instruction.

17.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

One of the most popular effects for beautifying photography is highlighting a particular subject with color. The entire photo is taken in black and white, and some part of it remains in color. Of course, doing this in Photoshop (or any other similar graphics editor like Pixelmator) is more than a trivial task. But if you are not so professional that you are ready to tinker with these editors, then you can use a specialized photo editing program for Mac. 🍋 Download ColorStokes, free ColorStokes is one of Lire la suite

How to replace Magic Keyboard for iPad. A selection of keyboard covers with trackpad

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This spring, Apple released a brand new trackpad keyboard for the iPad Pro. The novelty is called Magic Keyboard. Many people liked the accessory. With its help, iPad Pro was able to get one step closer to laptops. However, the Magic Keyboard had one drawback – the high price. This problem can be partially solved by using alternative accessories. Fortunately, over the past few months, several analogs of the Magic Keyboard have appeared on sale. Logitech Folio Touch Logitech has been producing keyboards for apple tablets for several Lire la suite

how to set up mouse scroll in macOS

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In winter 2019, I switched from Magic Touchpad to Logitech G502 mouse, and then to Logitech G604. In my case, the mouse turned out to be much more effective than the touchpad and I have never regretted changing the manipulator. But it’s not enough to buy a mouse and connect it to your Mac. In order for it to completely replace the touchpad, it must be selected and correctly configured. 👨‍💻 How to choose a mouse for Mac For ten years I used exclusively trackpads, but six months Lire la suite