Apple's former retail chief Angela Arends appointed to Airbnb board of directors

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Apple's former retail head, Angela Arends, who left the company last month five years later, joined Airbnb's board of directors.

In May 2018, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky said he plans to appoint at least one woman to the company's board of directors, according to CNN. Arends will be the second woman to join Airbnb after Anne Mather from Pixar and Disney last August.

“Angela has a reputation for pushing brands to the dream, and she told me that this is exactly what she hopes to bring to the board of Airbnb,” Chesky said.

Arends thought about her stay at Apple in February:

The last five years have been the most challenging, challenging, and successful in my career. Thanks to the collective efforts of the teams, Retail has never been stronger and better to make even greater contributions to Apple. I feel that there is no better time to pass the baton to Deirdre, one of Apple’s strongest leaders. I look forward to seeing how this amazing team, under its leadership, will continue to change the world one by one and one community at a time.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

I want to thank Angela for inspiring and inspiring our teams over the past five years. It was a positive, transformative force for both Apple stores and the communities they serve. We all wish her all the best when she starts a new chapter.
Before joining Apple in 2014, Arends was CEO of the well-known fashion company Burberry, and before that she held positions at Liz Claiborne and Donna Karan. Arends joined Apple at a time when Apple was experimenting with such luxuries as 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition worth over 10,000 dollars.

Derends O'Brien, Apple’s long-time executive director, now supervises both HR and retail aspects of the company.

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