Apple hires aviation law expert as Washington lobbyist

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Subscribe to YouTube Channel Apple retained its lobbyist in Washington, Lisa Ellman, a lawyer specializing in drones and aviation law, Bloomberg reports. Ellman, a partner at Hogan Lovells Law Firm, leads his firm's unmanned aerial systems practice and is a co-founder of the Commercial Drone Alliance. She has been lobbying at Apple since December. Drone DJI Mavic Pro Since 2016, Apple has been using drones to collect data to improve the quality of Apple Maps. Apple drones are capable of collecting and updating map data faster than Lire la suite

TOP-15 des meilleurs aspirateurs robotiques – Classement 2020

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Accueil »Classement» TOP-15 des meilleurs aspirateurs robotisés – Classement 2020 Top-15 des meilleurs aspirateurs robotisés – Classement 2020 Fermez les yeux et imaginez un instant: un appareil silencieux et puissant fait le ménage à la place de vous. La plupart des modèles modernes d'aspirateurs robotisés sous vide peuvent être achetés à peu de frais dans les magasins en ligne de l'entreprise avec livraison gratuite par service de messagerie en Russie (Moscou, Saint-Pétersbourg, Iekaterinbourg, Kazan, Krasnoyarsk). Nous avons compilé une cote de 15 modèles d'aspirateurs, évaluant leur capacité à Lire la suite

Web Store Hosting: How to Make the Right Choice

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Subscribe to YouTube Channel It is extremely important for an online store to think about the correctness of its placement. It should be characterized by stable operation so that customers can always visit the site for subsequent shopping. The best solution is to contact a specialized company, whose employees will be able to provide quality services on favorable terms. For this reason, hosting for an online store must also be ordered in a reliable company with a good reputation. In this case, an instant round-the-clock server activation Lire la suite

Apple Privacy Director Jane Horvath to speak at CES at a roundtable on consumerism

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Subscribe to YouTube Channel Apple will attend the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January this year, but the company will not showcase new products. Instead, Apple will discuss consumer privacy, Bloomberg notes. Jane Horvath, Apple's senior director of privacy, will be present at the privacy roundtable, along with privacy managers from Facebook, Procter & Gamble, and FTC. The round table will be dedicated to what consumers want when it comes to privacy. It will be held on Tuesday, January 7, at 13:00. in the north room of Lire la suite

Now officially: Apple said goodbye to Joni Ive

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Subscribe to YouTube Channel As it became known at the beginning of June, Jonathan Ive, who has been the company's chief designer for 27 years, decided to leave Apple. And now, this news has been confirmed. In the summer, the exact dates were not known when the last days of Quince in the company would be numbered. Neither the designer nor the company disclosed any information. All that was known was that his departure was planned for the end of the year. Now, from the Apple website, Lire la suite

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