Avoiding charging won’t lower the price of the iPhone 12. The smartphone will cost more than the iPhone 11

Today, many no longer doubt that Apple will not complete its new smartphones with a power adapter and wired headphones. The reasons for such a step are very different – from concern for the environment to reducing logistics costs and, as a result, reducing the cost of the iPhone. However, analyst Jay Poo is confident that the iPhone 12 will not cost less than its predecessors.

According to expert forecasts, the cost of new Apple smartphones will increase by about $ 50. Jay Poo notes that the basic version of the iPhone 12 will be available for $ 749. The analyst explains the price increase by the fact that the updated Apple smartphones will be equipped with OLED screens and will receive support for fifth generation networks.

Jay Poo does not consider such growth to be critical. In his opinion, most users will accept the $ 50 price increase for the iPhone without too many problems. The analyst believes that many want to get a smartphone with 5G support and are willing to pay for it.

It is noteworthy that Jay Poo’s predictions are somewhat different from the information recently shared by an insider known as Omegaleaks. He said that the basic version of the iPhone 12 with 5G will be available for $ 649. At the same time, users will be able to purchase a model without support for fifth generation networks for $ 549.

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