Big Sale on the App Store: Evo Explores and More Discount Hits!

Today we’ve handpicked the coolest discounted apps on the App Store for you. If you are bored with Monument Valley, you will definitely like the game from this collection, which has become half the price. And a text editor for iPhone and iPad for 75 rubles is definitely worth downloading. If you want to see all the free games and applications with a discount, at the end of the article you will find a link to our discount telegram channel. Many apps are only discounted for a few hours, so it’s best not to waste time.

The promotion can end at any minute

Monument Valley Puzzle – Evo Explores

Perhaps this game can be recommended to those who have already gone through Monument Valley far and wide and still have not found another puzzle that would enslave his brain just as much. As you can see from the screenshots, this game is clearly inspired by the cult award winning product.

If you have already completed the entire Monument Valley, this is the game for you

Name: Evo explores
Price: RUB 75 (149 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

Text editor for iPhone and iPad

Incredibly simple – thanks to the developers for such a minimalistic style – a text editor that is not only convenient, but also really pleasant to work in. No unnecessary buttons, settings and other tinsel. Only text and nothing more.

Solid text editor

Name: iWriter
Price: RUB 75 (229 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

“Horrible” Puzzle – Slayaway Camp

A deadly addicting puzzle game that parodies cult horror films. In this parody of the horrors of the eighties, a charming hero travels through hundreds of levels and chops, crushes and exterminates in every possible way … well, you better download.

Perhaps this is the most unusual puzzle

Name: Slayaway camp
Price: 149 r (229 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

All App Store discounts here – AppleInsider_sale

A special Telegram channel, where you will see the best new products and applications that are sold at a significant discount or even become free for a while in the App Store. No automation, but only manual selection by the editors of our site.

Since most discounts are time-limited, we highly recommend that you do not disable channel push notifications. We promise that the channel will be used only for its intended purpose and after some time you will not be able to refuse to use it, because with it you will not only be aware of the best offers in the App Store, but will also be able to significantly save on purchases.

Now you will receive notifications about discounts, as it was before in our application Of course, it’s absolutely free for you.

Our cool channel with discounts

Name: AppleInsider_sale
Price: Free (New)
Compatibility: iPhone / iPad / Mac
Link: Install

* Please note that all promotions have a limited duration, so the price of the application can be changed by the developer at any time (even 5 minutes after the publication is released), and the discount will end.

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