Blackmagic Disk Speed ​​Test – Testing SSD Speed ​​on Mac

The popular drive speed testing utility from the creators of DaVinchi Resolve video editor. Screenshots of her work can be found on forums, Reddit, technical reviews and reviews of online stores. Alas, it does not shine with functions, while it has no alternatives.

Download in the Mac App Store, 32 MB

M.2 SSD write and read speed

What is suitable for
Suitable for understanding the maximum speed of the drive when sequentially reading or writing a large file.

Since the test is infinite, it can also be used to test disk cooling. I used it for before and after results when I installed a heatsink on my PCIe M.2 drive.

Doesn’t fit
Disk Speed ​​Test does not measure the read and write speed of small and medium files, therefore it does not reflect the performance in real work.

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