Boom 3D – Hi-Fi Equalizer for Mac

I have a friend who does not listen to music in the format below .wav, because everything below it distorts the music and annoys him wildly. Of course, I’m not such an “audio gourmet”, but I still love music and good sound.

When I bought myself the Sennheiser HD 25-C-II headphones, I was sure that I did not need any equalizers with them. But all of a sudden, an equalizer for Mac called Boom 2 appeared in my life and just ruined all ideas about equalizers and sound quality.

Download Boom 3D from the official site, 32 MB

Mac sound quality has never been perfect, experts and foodies say: lack of bass, flat and quiet sound. And if we risked using the built-in speakers, then everything is even worse.

In addition, the Mac itself does not have a normal equalizer and not all players are equipped with it. And, even if you find players with equalizers for all your media files and spend a lot of time customizing each one, what about streaming playback? Be content with poor quality? I think this is not a case where you need to show humility, especially when there is such an elegant way to fix everything like Boom 3D.


This equalizer for Mac starts to fascinate from the very beginning with its pleasant design.

When you start Boom for the first time, it will determine your computer model and suggest and immediately install the best, in his opinion, equalizer preset. Note that even with the standard preset, the sound quality is noticeably better than before.

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I am using a standard preset which

Boom setup

Basically, you don’t have to configure anything. Equalizer for Mac already has two dozen presets by genre and one preset created during calibration.

If this is not enough for you, then you can manually increase or decrease the frequency level, and Boom will kindly show us which frequency we are going to tune.

By default, a frequency range of 32 Hz – 16 kHz with ten gradations is available to us. But if you turn on the “Advanced” mode, then the number of gradations will increase by 3 times.

It is very convenient to create several of your own presets, for example, “Sennheiser HD 25”, “KOSS”, “Speakers”, I think you guess what I mean, and switch between them, if necessary, in 2 clicks or using a shortcut.

This is not the end of the equalizer settings. There are 2 more properties that can be set: “3D surround sound” and “Ambience” and 4 more effects.

Using the 3D Surround Sound feature, Boom will try to convince you that you are listening to live music and not recording through speakers or headphones. I can’t say how much it works, but, definitely, the sound gets a surround sound without any echoes and other artifacts and it becomes noticeably more pleasant. But to be honest, I still prefer the standard preset.

Boom for common people

It is thanks to the sound amplification function and its global work that this equalizer for Mac can be useful and indispensable not only for audio gourmets. If you like to listen to streaming audio, or watch movies and often encounter bad sound (a sharp track does not sound clear enough relative to the original), then the application will help to amplify it and stretch it to an acceptable quality, no matter what player you use. Whether it’s Elmedia Player, VOX or standard QuickTime.

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It’s great that the volume can be adjusted for each application separately.

Use a shortcut AltCmdB to quickly enable or disable Boom.

A separate volume can be set for each application

In conclusion

If you, like me before, doubt whether you need an equalizer, then try the fully functional demo version for 7 days. Just be careful: if you love music and high-quality sound, but do not plan to part with $ 17 yet, then you better do not risk it 🙂

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