Can I link multiple Apple Watch to one iPhone

Apple Watch has become such a convenient accessory that some people have several of them at once. Fortunately, the iPhone can sync with multiple such watches. But wearing them at the same time, keeping in touch with a smartphone, is hardly possible. And you still need to look for such a fan of watches. Having more than one Apple Watch will allow each one to have its own unique apps, settings, and background.

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This will allow you to change the clock depending on the situation and the actions being performed. Perhaps a person uses Apple Watch Nike + for active workouts, and Apple Watch Hermes for everyday use. Perhaps, after purchasing the latest model watch, the gadget of the previous generation remained. In this case, data on activity and training will be synchronized through the iPhone between the Apple Watch. The iPhone can automatically switch between watches.

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How to pair a second Apple Watch to an iPhone

To pair your iPhone with multiple Apple Watch devices, do the following:

1. On iPhone, open the Watch app and go to the “My watch”

2. At the top of the screen, select the desired clock.

3. In the menu that opens, click the button “Couple with another watch”

How to pair a second Apple Watch to an iPhone

4. Next, follow the instructions for pairing your watch to your smartphone. They can be configured as a new independent device, or you can transfer a backup copy of a similar gadget to them.

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Each new watch gets its own separate set of settings, which makes it possible to choose dials, programs and previews for them. So, adding a card to Apple Pay and linking it to a watch, or installing a program there on the rest of the same devices will not show itself in any way.

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Switch between clocks

Only one Apple Watch can be in activity mode. To activate another device, you need to put it on your hand, removing the previous one. Then you need to raise your hand up or wave it. The new hours will be marked on the screen at this time. WatchOS itself does not allow multiple users to use the same watch or carry multiple devices at the same time.

Over time, your activity and training data is synced across all of your watches. This makes it possible to automatically update information on devices after they change. Results from one Apple Watch via iPhone will be transferred to others. One has only to put on a new watch for training, as it will display all the information about the number of steps taken per day and the exercise points accumulated. Synchronization of results usually takes about a minute, this time depends on the amount of data required for the transfer.

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Automatic switching between synced Apple Watch

The presence of this feature in the iPhone makes it possible to automatically pair with a new watch we wear. If there is a need for manual pairing, then this function can be turned off. It’s easy to find it on your phone:

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1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to the “My watch”

2. Select your watch and activate or deactivate the function “Auto switch”

Below the switch, the clock associated with your device will be shown. To pair iPhone with another watch when disabled “Auto switch” you need to select your watch, and then check the box in the form of a jackdaw opposite the currently worn watch.

Automatic switching between synced Apple Watch

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Removing and unpairing your Apple Watch

To remove the watch, open the Watch program on the iPhone and go to the tab “My watch”… There you need to choose your watch, press the information icon “I” to the right of the device image and unpair with it.

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Some tips

To check the connection between devices, you need to open the Watch program on your smartphone and select your watch. The watch you wear will be marked with a jackdaw icon.

Activity and training information may not be updated immediately after switching between watches. Then you need to place the iPhone next to the Apple Watch and wait for the devices to sync.

Parameters can be disabled in the Watch program “When lifting the wrist” and “Wrist recognition”… In this case, the function “Auto switch” may not work. In this situation, you can turn it off altogether. Then you can open the Watch app on iPhone and open a tab there “My watch”… There you need to select your watch, and then put an icon in the form of a jackdaw in front of the currently worn watch.

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