Casemade Leather Case – inexpensive and comfortable leather cases for iPad and iPhone

Many owners of mobile devices prefer to buy leather covers for their smartphones and tablets. Such accessories protect devices well from scratches and abrasions, and also look much better than silicone or plastic cases. Interesting and not very expensive leather accessories are produced by Casemade.

Casemade has many different cases for iPhone and iPad. However, unlike accessories for apple smartphones, cases for tablets have a little more capabilities. In particular, they can be used as a stand that allows you to set your iPad in two positions.

Users can choose from covers for 9.7- and 10.2-inch iPads, as well as all modifications of iPad Pro. At the same time, in their “design” accessories differ from each other only in size and location of the main holes and slots. Otherwise, they are similar. In fact, iPad cases consist of two main parts – a genuine leather cover and an inner hard “liner” made of plastic. The latter holds the device securely inside the case and provides additional rigidity.

You can buy Casemade covers on the manufacturer’s official website. In the case of iPad accessories, prices start at € 40 excluding shipping. Accessories can also be purchased on Amazon.

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