Muzen Wild Mini – compact military style Bluetooth speaker

01.10.2020 Normand Maxime 0

Muzen has created an unusual wireless speaker that should appeal to fans of outdoor activities, hiking, etc. The novelty called Muzen Wild Mini has a design that is atypical for such devices, hinting at the owner’s hobbies. Externally, Wild Mini resembles a compact walkie-talkie. The column has a metal camouflage body and massive controls. In addition, Wild Mini is protected from dust and moisture according to the IPX5 standard and is additionally equipped with a three-mode LED flashlight. The developers paid a lot of attention to the “stuffing” Lire la suite

Momax Airbox True Wireless Power Bank is an unusual external battery for Apple devices

28.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

Recently, a fundraising campaign for an unusual external battery called Momax Airbox True Wireless Power Bank kicked off on Kickstarter. A distinctive feature of this accessory is the ability to charge multiple Qi-compatible devices at once. Externally, Momax Airbox True Wireless Power Bank resembles a battery with a capacity of over 20,000 mAh. However, in reality, everything is somewhat different. Since the developers have relied primarily on the simultaneous charging of multiple devices wirelessly, the design of the Momax Airbox True Wireless Power Bank is similar to a Lire la suite

Jabra Elite 85t – new wireless noise canceling headphones

25.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

Jabra recently released a new compact wireless active noise canceling headphone called the Elite 85t. A key feature of the new model is the adjustable noise cancellation function. Externally, the novelty is similar to the previous model – Elite 75t. However, the engineers have taken past experience into account and made some small changes that should make the headphones more comfortable. In particular, the shape of the liners has been changed. They have become more oval in shape, which should improve the fit of the headphones. The Elite Lire la suite

Five great table lamps from Aliexpress

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The usefulness of good lighting cannot be overemphasized. This issue becomes especially relevant with a decrease in daylight hours. That is why, today we have prepared a small selection of desktop lamps that can be purchased on Aliexpress. Monitor lamp Buy on Aliexpress There is a category of people who places lamps directly above the monitor. Thus, they illuminate the entire area above the keyboard, but this creates glare on the screen. A special lamp from Aliexpress solves this problem. Moreover, due to the design of the accessory, Lire la suite

Zergotech Freedom – Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard

21.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

Many of the users who actively work at the computer prefer to use mechanical keyboards. But often, such devices lack ergonomics. Zergotech offers its own solution to this problem. The Zergotech product range includes the Zergotech Freedom mechanical ergonomic keyboard. It looks like broken keyboards and actually consists of two separate blocks that can be installed in different positions. This design allows you to place your hands in a natural position and significantly reduces the strain on the wrists and fingers during prolonged work. Zergotech Freedom stands out Lire la suite

Logitech unveils 2020 iPad Air keyboard case

17.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

Almost immediately after yesterday’s presentation by Apple, at which Cupertinians presented the updated iPad Air, Logitech announced an external keyboard with a trackpad called the Logitech Folio Touch. The latter was created specifically for the new “airy” apple tablet. In fact, the Folio Touch is analogous to the Magic Keyboard. However, unlike the Apple accessory, the Logitech keyboard costs significantly less – $ 160 versus $ 299. At the same time, the third-party keyboard has quite comfortable keys with an average travel, backlighting and support for all the Lire la suite

Casemade Leather Case – inexpensive and comfortable leather cases for iPad and iPhone

15.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

Many owners of mobile devices prefer to buy leather covers for their smartphones and tablets. Such accessories protect devices well from scratches and abrasions, and also look much better than silicone or plastic cases. Interesting and not very expensive leather accessories are produced by Casemade. Casemade has many different cases for iPhone and iPad. However, unlike accessories for apple smartphones, cases for tablets have a little more capabilities. In particular, they can be used as a stand that allows you to set your iPad in two positions. Users Lire la suite

Five Interesting Closed Wireless Headphones from Aliexpress

14.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

A few years ago, many users preferred wired models when choosing closed headphones. However, the situation has now changed. The demand for wireless closed-back headphones has grown significantly. Moreover, interesting models are offered not only by top manufacturers. Today on Aliexpress you can find a lot of high-quality and not very expensive closed wireless headphones. Moreover, they will sound good. Mixcder E7 Buy on Aliexpress The Mixcder E7 is an excellent solution for those who like large, full-size headphones. Initially, this model could be purchased for 2800-3500 rubles. Lire la suite

Zendure SuperTank is a battery that can quickly charge your MacBook

04.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

Most modern external batteries are created in order to charge smartphones and tablets without any problems. However, Zendure decided to move away from this concept somewhat and released the SuperTank – an external battery that can quickly charge most laptops. According to the manufacturer, Zendure SuperTank can be used to charge two laptops or four different devices at once. In total, the accessory has four ports – two USB-A and two USB-C. In this case, one of the USB-C connectors supports a power of 100 watts. Thanks to Lire la suite

MonitorMate ProBASE Gen 2 – the new version of the functional stand

25.08.2020 Normand Maxime 0

Third-party manufacturers have been producing various stands for computers and laptops for several years. In most cases, these accessories are designed only to position the laptop or all-in-one screen at a comfortable height. However, MonitorMate decided to bundle together two different accessories – a computer stand and a hub with additional ports. The result is an accessory called ProBASE. Most recently, the manufacturer introduced an updated version of this multifunctional stand. The novelty received a number of faster ports, as well as a slightly modified design. In ProBASE Lire la suite

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