Why Apple Really Needs a U1 Chip

28.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

Why did the Apple U1 appear in Apple Watch Series 6? Why wasn’t it on the 2020 iPad Pro or the second generation iPhone SE? Why isn’t it in the Apple Watch SE, or, judging by what Apple said, in the iPad Air 4? AirTags never came out – and will they come out at all? There are more questions than answers. There are no more answers, but the other day it seems like it became known about another device in which this chip will appear: at Apple Lire la suite

What’s the most popular iPhone accessory?

26.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

It’s not hard to guess that someone earns money on covers, protective screens and all that kind of stuff. Otherwise, they would not be offered in such a variety of shapes and colors almost anywhere in the world. But so far no one has ventured to seriously investigate this vast and ubiquitous market, because of its obvious incomprehensibility. Company Zion Market Rеsearch from India did it. A 157-page report on the findings of these studies hit the shelves of Research and Markets yesterday. In 2019, apple accessories of Lire la suite

Apple asks permission to launch Ultra Wideband in Russia

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Apple fans in Russia have long been accustomed to restrictions. The limited functionality of some of the iOS functions, the later launch of new iPhones, as well as the complete absence of some products – all this is the norm for our user. Therefore, many are no longer even surprised when Apple decides not to release another novelty to the Russian market, as was the case with HomePod and Fitness +, or to block the promising technology used in the new iPhones. But if the speaker and fitness Lire la suite

Apple and Xiaomi divided the smartphone market, and we did not notice

06.09.2020 Normand Maxime 0

What happened? Where has Apple’s battle against Samsung gone? The top ten best-selling smartphones in the world in the first half of this year – with one single exception – are smartphones created by Apple and Xiaomi. In the first place in the TOP-10 – iPhone 11… In the first half of 2019, it was believed that the time of the iPhone was over and Apple smartphones were no longer needed by anyone, but the iPhone XR was in the TOP-10 of global sales. True, with a margin Lire la suite

Is there no crisis? Sales of the most expensive iPhones have grown in Russia

27.08.2020 Normand Maxime 0

The first half of 2020, especially the period from April to June (second quarter), is the most amazing (controversial) half year both in the history of all mankind and in our area. We will not talk about sad things, let’s go straight to the good. Due to the coronavirus, many had to be abandoned, but smartphones, nevertheless, did not stop being sold. Their retail sales in the Russian Federation fell (by 42%), but online sales grew (by 56%), breaking all records. The growth of online sales amid falling Lire la suite

Why now is the worst time to buy an iPhone XR

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Everyone knows that you shouldn’t buy an iPhone in anticipation of the release of a new model, and those who do not know, then regret that they did not wait several weeks and did not save an extra hundred dollars. After all, Apple lowers the prices of its smartphones only once a year and only at the time of the announcement of the new iPhone. Therefore, buying any Apple device before the presentation – except, perhaps, the iPhone SE – is fraught with higher costs. But sometimes there Lire la suite

Who Will Buy iPhone in 3 Months?

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In the current situation, the revenues of many companies are falling, and many are already “barely breathing”. Moreover, the effect of a falling domino works: Apple understands that sales of equipment will begin to decline sharply and reduce orders from their suppliers. Therefore, the same Foxconn, one of the main assemblers of iPhone and iPad, is already preparing for strong losses. Of course, this could not but affect ordinary people: everywhere, there are cuts and falling incomes. Millions of people have either already lost everything or are about Lire la suite

iPhone SE 2020 vs. iPhone 11: Which Phone Should You Buy?

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Apple has started selling the 2020 iPhone SE to attract users on a budget and simply those who don’t see the point in spending $ 70,000 on phones like the iPhone 11 Pro or Galaxy S20. Despite the fact that the new product is a continuation of the original iPhone SE line, it has nothing to do with the previous generation iPhone SE 2020: perhaps a low price in relation to Apple’s flagships. And while outwardly the new iPhone SE looks more like an iPhone 8 than an Lire la suite

Why iPhone sales have suddenly increased

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Sales have indeed grown. In March this year, compared to the previous February. With February 2020, which was the peak of the coronavirus pneumonia epidemic in China. What was happening in the Celestial Empire, we can understand only now, when the trouble came to us. Isolation, quarantine, bans on crossing borders, restrictions and a sense of helplessness in the face of an invisible enemy. In February, smartphone sales in China, oddly enough, continued. They fell three times compared to last year’s February, iPhone sales fell to 494 thousand. Lire la suite

Which iPhones are most often bought in 2020

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Now the smartphone is a common household communication device. Convenient, you can’t do without it, but making it an object of worship is at least stupid. It is believed that now they are bought as, for example, refrigerators or washing machines. For three years, or even longer. And this trend is growing every year. This is obvious, there can be no doubt about it. A little more, and expensive advanced smartphones will die out as a species, they are no longer needed by anyone. But which iPhones are Lire la suite

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