Chinese team of hackers undertook to jailbreak iOS 9 immediately after the final release of the system

We recently reported that hackers from Pangu have already jailbreak iOS 8.4, but the public version has not yet been released. While we are waiting for its release, we received interesting information about the upcoming “jailbreak” of iOS 9.


Chinese hackers from the Keen Team reported that they are already working on a jailbreak for iOS 9, and a ready-made solution will be released shortly after the final release of this mobile operating system. Hackers will not release jailbreak for beta versions of iOS 9.

Despite the fact that the Keen Team have never worked on jailbreaking Apple operating systems, they have a very solid experience in jailbreaking. Hackers won the Pwn2Pwn championship last year and the year before, by hacking the Safari browser.

Keen Team also claims that they work on their own and will not share their work with other teams such as TaiG or Pangu. In addition, according to representatives of the Keen Team, the development of the iOS 9 jailbreak has no commercial interest for them.

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