Do you love Kafka? And Machinarium? App Store Discounts

Many applications in the App Store are expensive, but sometimes the developers arrange discounts, and the main thing here is to download the game or utility on time at a low price. That is why we are here! Today, with a good discount, they are giving away a game based on the works of Franz Kafka, a hit based on Machinarium, and many more. If you want to see all the free games and applications with a discount, at the end of the article you will find a link to our discount telegram channel. Many apps are only discounted for a few hours, so it’s best not to waste time.

A selection of unusual games for iPhone and iPad

Literary Game: The Franz Kafka Videogame

“Do you love Kafka?” – if in answer to this question you do not specify “gray or herculef?”, Then you are familiar with the work of the cult Austrian writer. This game is dedicated to his immortal works and their heroes, so if you value quality literature, you are unlikely to pass by. Moreover, with such a discount.

Do you love Kafka? And Machinarium? App Store Discounts

Quest fans will definitely visit

Name: The Franz Kafka Videogame
Price: RUB 75 (229 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

Bridge Builder: Bridge Constructor

A fun and easy-to-learn game in which you have to act as the main builder of numerous bridges. The game is logical, so you can be sure that not everything is as simple as it might seem at first glance. We will have to calculate not only the length and structure of the bridge, but also the material from which it will be made, as well as the transport that will move along it.

Do you love Kafka? And Machinarium? App Store Discounts

New levels have recently been brought into the game

Name: Bridge Constructor
Price: RUB 15 (149 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

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Machinarium at maximum speed: The Inner World

Dedicated to quest lovers – one of the best games of this genre for iOS. Similar in execution to Machinarium with very decent graphics and intricate plot.

Do you love Kafka? And Machinarium? App Store Discounts

Cool game to start the week

Name: The inner world
Price: RUB 29 (229 rub.)
Compatibility: Universal application
Link: Install

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Do you love Kafka? And Machinarium? App Store Discounts

The best discount apps in the App Store are always at hand

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* Please note that all promotions have a limited duration, so the price of the application can be changed by the developer at any time (even 5 minutes after the publication is released), and the discount will end.

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