DriveSlide allows you to attach a drive or docking station to the lid of your MacBook

Recently on Kickstarter, there was a small accessory created specifically for laptop owners. With DriveSlide, users can attach almost anything to the computer cover – from docking stations to external drives, batteries, and more.

DriveSlide consists of only two parts – a lock and a key. This is what the developers call them. But in fact, both parts of DriveSlide are special self-adhesive pads, one of which is attached to the laptop lid, and the other to an external drive or hub. To fix the accessory on the laptop lid, users simply “insert” the key into the lock and turn it.

DriveSlide parts are compact so they don’t interfere with everyday use of your laptop and accessories. At the same time, thanks to these small overlays, users can easily attach almost any drive or dock to the computer cover, thus getting rid of clutter at the workplace.

As mentioned above, the developers are now raising funds to launch their accessory into production on the Kickstarter service. You can order DriveSlide for $ 15. At the same time, developers will begin to send ready-made accessories in February next year.

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